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In-Game Issues

You found some bug in-game? Tell us and we will look into it. 
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Cannot Create Private Shop or Interact With Other Shops

Progeny4217230.05.2020 19:13:06
Last Post by Progeny42

Critical error on login with 1 specific character

Chunkook165425.04.2020 11:34:40
Last Post by Administrator

Trial of Pilgrim

Progeny4257409.04.2020 01:50:58
Last Post by Sweety

Disrupt Undead Skill

brilliance88407.02.2020 06:25:39
Last Post by BEDBOY322

Download issues

uyclub117409.01.2020 15:12:10
Last Post by sirLeroi

Fall under textures, cant ploy

AwesomePchits293819.12.2019 17:45:26
Last Post by sirLeroi

Lost skills

Number13139416.12.2019 14:33:17
Last Post by sirLeroi

Constant crash on loading

Losteroth137501.12.2019 14:05:31
Last Post by sirLeroi

Battleping, Proxies/VPN/Tunneling...

Maya154129.11.2019 02:19:59
Last Post by Maya

login problems

flak0N175212.11.2019 22:43:39
Last Post by Administrator

Corsair Captain Kylon RB crit error

BOG246305.09.2019 14:37:07
Last Post by BOG

Crit error

GeoSin176229.07.2019 16:17:05
Last Post by GeoSin

Cant login

Nukehill197214.06.2019 06:54:27
Last Post by Nukehill

cant login

kivelof658128.05.2019 20:55:28
Last Post by kivelof

character log in error

zavali360120.05.2019 09:04:23
Last Post by zavali

Quest Missing

Kaziukas253301.04.2019 14:06:38
Last Post by Kaziukas

Log in Error

Kaziukas231330.03.2019 08:46:29
Last Post by Kaziukas

character log in error

mutilera247224.03.2019 21:38:09
Last Post by Administrator

37+ Testimony of Prosperity

whitefrost270121.03.2019 07:14:50
Last Post by whitefrost

A problem with game install

soldat208320.03.2019 17:51:11
Last Post by soldat

C4 mechanics

FlameGirl256415.03.2019 02:45:23
Last Post by FlameGirl

Critical error on log in on a specific char

Chunkook288402.03.2019 15:20:16
Last Post by Administrator

Game client eats up memory when minimized.

Alay258821.02.2019 18:19:23
Last Post by sirLeroi

P.def does not compute correctly

morkovi23236604.02.2019 21:45:55
Last Post by Daleche

i cant login in game

alani21313617.01.2019 18:17:02
Last Post by sirLeroi

Help login my friend

smiley400817.01.2019 17:55:00
Last Post by sirLeroi

Can't log in

Madd262313.01.2019 11:16:16
Last Post by Madd

Cant login near Giran Harbour

JimCrow283107.01.2019 16:45:04
Last Post by JimCrow

Texture issue

Zeptor347211.11.2018 10:05:44
Last Post by sirLeroi

Dark Avenger`s Dark Panther Exp

Beliorn4151024.09.2018 12:21:01
Last Post by May

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