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Christmas event

Administrator77211.12.2019 13:07:56
Last Post by Hermes

Four years Lineage II Firebird

Administrator591125.09.2019 22:29:11
Last Post by Administrator

Lag issues for players from the east

Administrator636104.06.2019 15:12:59
Last Post by Administrator

New dedicated server

Administrator820404.06.2019 10:05:31
Last Post by AwesomePchits

A storm is coming

Administrator1.411607.05.2019 17:45:16
Last Post by Jabolisk

Server lags and crashes

Administrator594121.04.2019 14:42:48
Last Post by Administrator

Reporting rule violations with L2 replays

Administrator594121.04.2019 00:49:11
Last Post by Administrator

Change of rule 18: Connection limit

Administrator670116.04.2019 23:16:27
Last Post by Administrator

Letter Collector (L2day - Event)

Administrator624131.03.2019 19:28:04
Last Post by Administrator

Hit the Jackpot! (Pumpkin Event)

Administrator760101.02.2019 09:44:37
Last Post by Administrator

Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness

Administrator1.210607.01.2019 16:16:16
Last Post by Trorri

Fatal exploit: Item duplication found

Administrator1.5151707.01.2019 16:27:58
Last Post by Trorri

Goodbye, Chronicle 2!

Administrator1.2381205.01.2019 18:12:48
Last Post by Zoryana

Merry Christmas! + C3 info

Administrator911802.01.2019 22:37:47
Last Post by Quantum

It's almost december again winking smiley

Administrator793714.12.2018 19:18:53
Last Post by Administrator

Players online record + Event

Administrator577109.11.2018 09:15:52
Last Post by Administrator

Playing With Fire - Event ending

Administrator575302.11.2018 09:50:11
Last Post by Administrator

I have a dream

Administrator1.0201416.10.2018 06:39:04
Last Post by witness

Three years Lineage II Firebird

Administrator482120.09.2018 08:52:27
Last Post by Administrator

Playing With Fire

Administrator585411.09.2018 09:42:55
Last Post by Rammmfan

Security updates

Administrator392101.09.2018 15:57:14
Last Post by Administrator

Server transfer

Administrator562624.08.2018 04:22:26
Last Post by chroniclelife

Massive server performance problems

Administrator483318.08.2018 16:00:07
Last Post by Administrator

Change of Heart

Administrator765706.07.2018 11:29:18
Last Post by Trust

1000 days of Lineage II Firebird

Administrator498215.06.2018 13:33:12
Last Post by Jack

The return of the PvE Island event

Administrator542515.06.2018 13:32:05
Last Post by Jack

Chronicle 2 1st Year Anniversary and Version

Administrator603301.05.2018 23:23:41
Last Post by Administrator

Electrical work on Thursday

Administrator430123.04.2018 08:37:24
Last Post by Administrator

Medal collector event ending

Administrator576129.03.2018 08:56:47
Last Post by Administrator

Enhanced library and chapter 3 movie

Administrator808425.03.2018 17:15:18
Last Post by Khavali

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