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Official Quest List

Administrator1.129929.07.2018 11:15:40
Last Post by Trust

C2 Weapon Special Abilities (SA)

May1.3221005.05.2018 19:22:33
Last Post by Khavali

C2 Dual Sword list (blacksmith cost, SA)

May302127.03.2018 20:50:36
Last Post by May

Where lost Blinding Blow?

SVTDimasik38212.09.2018 17:49:32
Last Post by Administrator

Please read this - Incorrect skill info   (Pages: 1 2 3)

Administrator7207125.08.2018 22:21:52
Last Post by sirLeroi

Two questions for Admin

Destined130210.08.2018 08:31:06
Last Post by Administrator

The password is incorrect

Sokol77308.08.2018 14:15:35
Last Post by Sokol

New players Old schoo from Argentina !!smiling bouncing smiley

Lesthra240531.07.2018 06:40:15
Last Post by oricha1984

Mods Allow

Xaero135321.06.2018 23:14:36
Last Post by Jack

L2Data v2.12 - Useful offline software

Chelsy162119.06.2018 04:25:39
Last Post by Chelsy


m1splaced106616.06.2018 14:34:18
Last Post by Administrator

i need to create a account !!!!sad smiley

Lesthra139218.04.2018 00:44:21
Last Post by Jack

Can't run the game.

chivuks207727.03.2018 20:50:42
Last Post by chivuks

New PLayer

Melusina257415.03.2018 16:54:39
Last Post by Khavali

New Here

Khavali296727.02.2018 22:23:04
Last Post by Khavali

L2 Informer

Umpire323611.02.2018 19:12:41
Last Post by sirLeroi

Login Problem

gondola227224.12.2017 16:40:14
Last Post by May

Event NPC´s

Atrophical237112.12.2017 10:10:46
Last Post by Atrophical

STREAMeye popping smiley

kivelof313708.12.2017 12:22:29
Last Post by kivelof

Positioning matters? High/low ground?

Atrophical216404.12.2017 17:55:18
Last Post by Administrator

Detailed Information about Cargo Boxes!

Atrophical211204.12.2017 16:23:02
Last Post by herni

Quest Guide: Coin of Magic

Atrophical256104.12.2017 13:38:04
Last Post by Atrophical

Event Items Drop Rate

Atrophical200201.12.2017 14:45:26
Last Post by May

Server Down 1. Dec ?

Atrophical214201.12.2017 07:35:02
Last Post by Administrator

Server problems today in the morning

Rigeborod160218.11.2017 08:40:39
Last Post by Rigeborod

New player

lefty4392713.11.2017 00:30:54
Last Post by May


lefty4222225.10.2017 13:35:59
Last Post by May


iddqd452718.10.2017 21:15:32
Last Post by sirLeroi

thumbs up

iddqd305107.10.2017 04:12:57
Last Post by iddqd


Vagrantstory363305.10.2017 04:19:53
Last Post by chroniclelife

NO!!! ACUMEN no weapons medium C in C2

Vagrantstory326329.09.2017 18:50:54
Last Post by sirLeroi

Dualsword Craft Stamp

Administrator4861414.09.2017 07:01:49
Last Post by iddqd


kivelof7062121.08.2017 16:53:41
Last Post by kivelof

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