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Player Questions

Looking for a drop? Problems with a quest? Ask your questions here. 
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2 instances of game per IP

Blurshade322906.08.2018 10:02:13
Last Post by sirLeroi

C2 newtimer questions

Razieljh4931431.07.2018 10:51:50
Last Post by Administrator

Complete skeletons' price nerfed with c2?

herni466925.07.2018 15:24:33
Last Post by wrtsdf

Soulshots and Spiritshots

Gunther465813.06.2018 08:58:07
Last Post by sirLeroi

Question about quest "Hunt of the Black Lion"

Jack157318.05.2018 14:38:21
Last Post by herni

Macros interrupting when switch windows

Jack193917.04.2018 14:16:12
Last Post by Atrophical

Question about dissolved clan names

Rain286415.02.2018 06:42:34
Last Post by Rain

Question: Pet rescue procedures

ahnighito225510.12.2017 21:24:15
Last Post by sirLeroi

Elemental Summoner worth it?

kivelof361106.12.2017 12:49:18
Last Post by kivelof

Coin of magic

Monsteffius405526.11.2017 00:56:06
Last Post by Atrophical

35 lvl quest

kromachine262205.11.2017 15:56:11
Last Post by kromachine

server database

lefty43051020.10.2017 14:09:21
Last Post by lefty4

Online VS Offline Trade

Rigeborod463923.09.2017 10:39:31
Last Post by sirLeroi

spirit ore or crystals d-grade

kivelof270221.08.2017 08:32:17
Last Post by Trust

Red Soul Crystals

Yuffie279219.07.2017 10:17:42
Last Post by Administrator

Windows 10   (Pages: 1 2)

FML9763111.06.2017 22:27:30
Last Post by sirLeroi

Chant of vampire

Savvas411701.06.2017 08:30:59
Last Post by Savvas

Lineage2 C2 Guide

Bilius639222.05.2017 16:01:05
Last Post by Kat

Drop base

Toyger567302.05.2017 19:12:25
Last Post by Toyger

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