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Change of Heart

Posted by Administrator 
Change of Heart
05. July 2018 14:41:37

Dear adventurers.
On Tuesday, July 10th 2018 8am local time we are going to enable the "Change of Hearts" event on our server.


Change of Heart

Puss the Cat, the faithful servant of Dr. Chaos, is in the villages of Aden and Elmore to play a game with adventurers who collect and trade pieces of hearts. Nine different heart pieces will drop from monsters throughout the world. Collect one of each piece in order to try your chances at a rock, paper, scissors game with Puss the Cat.

After each round of the game, you will decide if you wish to continue playing or accept the prizes for the current round. When you lose, the game ends. Your prize is determined by how many times in a row you win. Losing will reduce the quality of your prize, so don’t be afraid to quit while you’re ahead!

Nobody goes away empty handed! All participants who do not win a game receive a consolation prize.

Good luck!


The end of the event drops as well as the removal of the event cats will be announced soon.

Info: The event item drops end on Tuesday, July 24th 2018 after the regular maintenance at 8 AM local time.
The event NPCs stay longer.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

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Re: Change of Heart
05. July 2018 15:00:00

Hooray! New event! Thank you, Admin!


Re: Change of Heart
05. July 2018 16:13:01

Niiiice, thanks admin!

Peoples keep this post updated with the rewards you get, so we know if it's worth stopping or continue gambling.

Re: Change of Heart
06. July 2018 04:07:20

Say please, what is prizes be in event? If it not secret.
I can't find exact information for C2 of this event =(

Re: Change of Heart
06. July 2018 09:43:53

The event cat will tell you the rewards for this event.

Re: Change of Heart
06. July 2018 11:14:47


Sprockets the Cat is offering the following prizes:

Win one time - 10 consumable Potions
Win two times - 1 Blessed Scroll of Escape
Win three times - 1 Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
Win four times - 2 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade C)
Win five times - 4 Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade cool smiley
Win six times - 1 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade cool smiley
Win seven times - 3 Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade A)
Win eight times - 1 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A)

Re: Change of Heart
06. July 2018 11:29:18

There is no A-grade here)

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