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Playing With Fire

Posted by Administrator 
Playing With Fire
04. September 2018 11:04:20

Dear adventurers.
On Tuesday, September 18th 2018 8am local time we are going to enable the "Playing With Fire" event on our server.


Playing With Fire

The Great Magus Ahuron Raulian is powerful and a bit quirky.
Determined to impress the girl of his dreams, he has sent his servants to the villages to help him set the perfect mood.
His feline servants are creating fireworks to fill the sky with glittering lights, and they need the assistance of playful adventurers to gather the ingredients to make them!


From September 18th 2018 8am local time through October 2nd 2018 8am local time, monsters will drop firework ingredients.
If you collect enough items, the cats in the villages will create fireworks for you to illuminate the skies of Aden.
To create a Firework, gather two Elven Firecrackers and two cans of Gunpowder.
To create a Large Firework, collect four Elven Firecrackers, four cans of Gunpowder, and one unit of Magnesium.

Take Your Best Shot!

Have you set the sky on fire? Send us your best screenshot of your fireworks by using the "Media upload tool" in our Media section.
Be sure to login on our website to be able to do this.

Good luck!


Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

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Re: Playing With Fire
07. September 2018 23:49:16

what will be the prize?

Re: Playing With Fire
09. September 2018 15:55:15

As far as I remember, the fireworks event never had any rewards, but can't verify now that legacy site disapperead.
It's just a "celebration" event and since this server went live September 25th 2015, my guess is to celebrate the 3 years smileys with beer

Re: Playing With Fire
11. September 2018 09:42:55

Events are supposed to be only celebration, not free giveaway of crystals, enchants and potions, to crush the balance of gamegrinning smiley to crush, the marketwinking smiley Nice event though

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