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Change of rule 18: Connection limit

Posted by Administrator 
Change of rule 18: Connection limit
16. April 2019 23:16:27

Dear adventurers,
since there have been reports that rule 18 is still violated by some players even after making some changes to the servers code, we were forced to redefine this rule to clarify some things.
We encourange everyone to head into the rules section and read all rules again, especially ruile 18 which is now defined as:

ยง18 - Connection limit
You are allowed to have two connections per IP/person to our server. That means you are allowed to have two characters online simultaneously if you play alone.
We don't care how many computers you use or have, we care about the connections per person and per IP.
Any attempt to run more than two boxes per person (even by using multiple IPs) is considered a violation of this rule.
In rare occasions, a player may get the permission to bring an additional character online at the same time, assumed he has a very good reason for it.
"I want to level up three chars at the same time!" or "On other servers I had four boxes open!" will not be permitted.
Violating this rule as well as the conditions of the permission to bring additional characters online, will be punished as described below.
Characters with different IP addresses, which are following a hunting or fighting character for an extended period of time, are not considered independent and violate this rule too.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

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