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Reporting rule violations with L2 replays

Posted by Administrator 
Reporting rule violations with L2 replays
21. April 2019 00:49:11

Dear adventurers,

it is now possible to upload a L2 Replay as well as a screenshot to our website.
This makes it a lot easier for us to investigate a violation of our rules.

Record a replay ingame with "/start_videorecording" and "/stop_videorecording" or the corresponding action in the actions menu (ALT+C).
Do not forget to make a screenshot of the scene, since replays do not contain characternames.

You can see your replays in your" Lineage II Firebird / Replays" Folder.
Your screenshots are in your "Lineage II Firebird / System" folder.

Login on the website and then upload the replay as well as the screenshot in the report-section you can see in the menu on the left side.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

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