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The first eleven days

Posted by Administrator 
The first eleven days
11. May 2017 19:28:56

Dear adventurers.
For the last eleven days since the start of our new server we have been fixing bugs almost all day and night.
We worked on everything starting with fixing stability issues as well as geodata errors and also the raidbosses have been "refreshed".
Now, after eleven days we finally reached a stable server and we are still fixing geodata zone by zone even now while I'm writing those lines.
We also want to say a big "Thank you" to all our players as we also reached a new all time high in online players. The new online record is 65 players. smiling smiley

Let me tell you what's coming up in the next few days and weeks:
First of all we are going to launch our adena event this Saturday, May 13th 2017 at 8 AM as usual for exactly 24 hours.

During the development of this project as well as in the last eleven days we had to slightly adjust the monster drops.
Since everyone is interested on where to find which item, we are going to develop a little utility for our website.
You will be able to search for an item to find out which monster may drop it.
The possibility to see all items of a monster will be provided too.
This will take some time till it's ready, eventually we will release it end of this month.

Maybe some of you have seen that we couldn't replace our main router during the server upgrade.
This actually has a high priority so we most likely will replace our main router this or next month which will cause an additional downtime.
We will post more info on that some time later.

Last but not least: In the next few days we will provide a client for all our players using MacOS X.
We want to thank our player "Ostrogoth" for providing that special client.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

Re: The first eleven days
11. May 2017 20:19:21

Nice event exactly same day then i must work 24h ;(

Re: The first eleven days
11. May 2017 20:57:15

Thank you very much Administrator!

Those are really good news. I just started playing here and I have to say I'm really impressed with the server so far. And the fact it's 100% free smiling smiley

@daemondas: Administrator announced really good news like the database and router upgrade and your only comment is that you will miss the event? There will be other events!

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