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Dualsword Craft Stamp

Posted by Administrator 
Dualsword Craft Stamp
10. September 2017 20:56:05

Dear adventurers.

In the past as well as recently we got asked on how to get the Dualsword Craft Stamp for making some B-grade dual swords.

We actually want to ask you, how you would make that item obtainable, since there are probably a lot of ways.
Of course, if and how it will be implemented is decided by us in the end.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

Re: Dualsword Craft Stamp
11. September 2017 13:14:44

In my opinion the answer is simple and logical: the original server method.
Are castles fixed? Does sieges system work correctly? If so, you already have the solution.

Re: Dualsword Craft Stamp
11. September 2017 15:29:50

Two ways. Or at the mammon in the catacombs or in the castle. Both methods are not suitable. 1. The catacomb on C2 is not and should not be. 2. Manor is evil for those who like to play dwarves. Initially, all the professions in the lineage were well balanced. Dwarves spoilers were weak, but with the help of spoils they could quickly save up resources. Dwarf craftsmen could use golems. so they were not weak. After the manor was introduced (which I hate), not only spoilers were able to quickly extract resources. But despite this spoilers did not increase. How to get what you need without locks and catacombs? Easily! Put it in the store at a high price! Who needs - will store the adena and buy it.

Re: Dualsword Craft Stamp
11. September 2017 21:18:52


Re: Dualsword Craft Stamp
12. September 2017 01:44:32

there are a few options IMHO, between the "only castle" and "everywhere".

Using SOPs
+ In c2 you can make B duals from Aden's blacksmith using SOP + adena (didn't check if firebird actually has it in the game right now, but it should be c2 patch notes, search for "B-Grade Dual-Swords")
~ as far as I remember, the numbers were a little crazy. Like 500 SOP for sls*sls. So perhaps you could argue that the numbers might need to be modified (or maybe not). Either way, an alternative to castle should already exist in c2.

Sold by Mammon
+ we got c4, so easy to implement. At least you have to run a bit to get the stamp.
~ price has to be high. If not, when sieges start, rich people will surely mass-buy them from mammon. At that point is pointless to remove mammon, because the market is already ruined and nobody will buy from castle lord.
- I know that some servers use mammon as alternative to castle for stamps, but I'm not really sure if officially it was ever sold by mammon.

By doing quest
+ Kinda coherent with official. Unless I'm wrong, in a chronicle (don't know when) you could get it from quest. No idea the name of the quest, or if it was easy or hard, but from the item description you could get it this way "Certificate obtained from a shop or QUEST. Essential component for making dualswords of B-Grade and higher."
+ If for example the quest is not repeatable, and say 40+, it should limit the number of stamps going around ( so not easy to mass-buy many right before castles sieges start )

Personally, since an alternative already exists in c2, I'd go with that. When castles start, you'll have a easier way. If instead you decide to make it easier to get (like, sold by shop), I just think it's important to keep in mind what happens when castles start. If now you make it easy to obtain many stamps or if you make them cheap, you might ruin the market later.

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Re: Dualsword Craft Stamp
12. September 2017 11:24:03

I do not agree with the proposed options. Each game has its drawbacks, which worsen the game. Rohan-online has a trade curve. In L2 - this is a manor. The idea of introducing a manor was erroneous. She lowered the appeal of a hemp for the spoiler and broke the balance of the game. Just add the ability to buy what you need in the store. Still it would be nice to sell in the store ears (in C2 there is no fishing) and various decorations. A manor is a gross imbalance in the game that hit the spoilers. Do not need a manor!

Re: Dualsword Craft Stamp
12. September 2017 11:32:14

Castles only. Without castles and manor there is no sence in Lineage.

Re: Dualsword Craft Stamp
12. September 2017 11:47:25

Of course, it should be the one and the only natural for the LA2 way via castles.

The ultimate pleasure we (at least me and my friends) obtain here on Firebird we obtain from the original LA2 gameplay, with all its challenges and interdependencies on the leveling and economics level.

I see it as a challenge. Yes, obtaining a castle is a hard task for now. But it opens a lot of opportunities to communicate, forge alliances and devise tricky plans to fight for our small Iron Thrones. grinning smiley

Re: Dualsword Craft Stamp
12. September 2017 13:19:59

I agree with the opinion that castles are the only natural way to receive stamps. But. This answer does not incline a solution of how administration can help with it. Once again, in a natural way, of course. And this is the essence of the topic. So I think I can propose a solution.

The key for our possibility to take castles is effective trade between players. Trade is a very important mechanic of Lineage 2. And we here, on Firebird, have only a small part of the possibility to trade all kinds of stuff -- resources, blueprints, key materials and so on. In 2017 a very small part of us want and can leave computers online all day, or use the game like a background application. We have a shout-chat, where just a small part of stuff (mostly weapons and armor) takes part in trading between players. Sometimes, because we live on different continents, we just can’t meet each other in chat at all. Forum is a very weak solution of this problem, because only few of us read it on a regular basis.

If the administration could bring us a possibility of an ingame offline trade, this would have changed the whole economic of our world. Especially, its C and B grade segment, where we need all kinds of stuff, not only weapons and armor from NPC-store. This will be a huge step up in a sense of a possibility to take castles and bring stamps on the market.

Re: Dualsword Craft Stamp
12. September 2017 14:19:12

I have nothing against castles. But only in the event that there is no manor. And take screenshots on the throne, besiege and defend the locks, etc. - this is for health! It would be good to realize weddings and the possibility of spouses teleport to each other. Once again, the manor breaks the balance in L2, so do not enter it. Oftorg as you can not enter. For trading there is a section on the forum and there is a global chat. Do you somebody forbid periodically to go to the forum and read the trade section there and write the ads yourself? If not - then what's the problem! Offshore is desirable on servers that do not have a global chat and a decent forum. Here all this is! So is it necessary ?! By the way, I'll buy for 35k D-grade bronze helmet in Dion. Character - Teresa. She's online right now.

Re: Dualsword Craft Stamp
12. September 2017 21:26:24

Dear players.

First of all: Thank you all for your input. It is very valuable for us and we will definitely discuss it internally.

I want to use this moment to clarify some things:

1.) Manor system
The manor system is part of the classic Lineage II and was introduced with C2.
The reason that it's currently not "available" is that since no castles are taken yet, no castle lord could "enable" it.
We are not going to disable this feature because we want to keep this server very close to retail.

2.) Offline shop
This is on our TODO list since our early days of C1 in 2015.
This feature will eventually be introduced with server version 2.0.2.x or 2.0.3.x.
We think that (since this is a small community and additionally spread all around the world) it would be a huge enhancement to the trading as Atron explained above.
Keeping computers running for selling items is really not necessary in 2017.

Keep your opinions coming!

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

Re: Dualsword Craft Stamp
13. September 2017 17:12:15

First of all, huge thank you for job you're doing. It really means a lot.

There are several things which are not available due to zero conquered castles:
1) All the castle management for the castle owner.
2) Special items available for the castle owners. Including dual sword stamps.
3) Different taxes and prices in towns.
4) Manor system.
5) Wyvern

Probably something else. If we're discussing only dual sword stamps we should state the uniqueness of this part. Why do we think adding alternative source of dual sword stamps before any castle captured is necessary, but enabling Manor is not?

I may be wrong, but the only reason I could find is that there's need in B-duals to capture the first castle. It may be true, but there's way to obtain some B-duals using SoPs. So, lack of stamps does not prevent from crafting b-duals and so it's not the case.

So it looks like "preserving original mechanics" versus "we want more content right now" and so the decision is obvious.

Re: Dualsword Craft Stamp
13. September 2017 19:26:21

I'd add it as reward in Matilda's Quest, i really hate that dwarf and her quest XDDD in fact i didn't make it in this server... One Overlord's amulet can only be gotten by doing this quest, (not sure if that amulet exist in this chronicle, i don't know too much about Overlords XDD ) but, one friend of mine played that char once and i know he had to do that quest more than 30 times to get the amulet... so, it's not something easy to get...

Another quest where it can be added is Coin of Magic... it can cost 1.000 coins of each kind or so...

Another idea is to add it to the Medals event... if that event is going to be actived from time to time, it can be added, if you want the DCS don't waste your medals in anything else.... and it wouldn't be easy to get it either (that will make that people buy medals for higher prices perhaps, and help to move more money in the server)

I wouldn't sell it on shop, only a very very high price will be acceptable, and that item doesn't cost that much, in another server i bought it for 250K, you only need a few crops to get it...

I agree to add it, cos even if a clan gets a castle... i'm not really sure that any of firebird's clans have enough adena to activate the manor system... and, even if a clan gets a castle, and has enough money... probably that clan will keep all the items for his clan members... of course people from other clans can try another castle, but, if someone wants to play alone, without clan... and needs dual swords....

Sorry if any of my ideas were already said....

I have to say i don't need it, i'll get 500 SOPs with my dwarf, so my opinion is not conditioned. But if they are added probably i'll try to get at least one, just in case one day i need it...

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Re: Dualsword Craft Stamp
14. September 2017 07:01:49

due to the small number of players we believe that the offline trade box would be a very valuable improvement for the community. Many new players go to cities like gludio or dion and find very few offers of ssd items or mats. We believe that focusing on that aspect would change the economy and the growth of the community.
atte 34cc Virganautas2 clan.

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