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Players online record + Event
Dear adventurers,

last Saturday we had a new players online record.
In the late evening there have been 88 players online.
A big thank you to every player on our server. :)
We hope that you still enjoy your adventure here, even after three years.

So we are going to enable our Adena event on Saturday, November 17th 2018 for 24 hours.
As usual the event starts at 8 AM local time right after our weekly server maintenance.

We will also have some event in December. More information about that will be posted soon.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator
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Playing With Fire - Event ending
Dear adventurers,

on Tuesday, October 30th 2018 the event managers for our "Playing With Fire" event will leave the lands of Aden and Elmore.
Be sure to trade all your firework items before that date.

We are also preparing the server for the upcoming christmas event.
More details about it will be published soon.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

PS: Since I have been asked multiple times about news about C3:
I am working on it and I hope to have an early running version on the internal testserver in late November.
It is a lot of work, especially generating the geometry data.
I will try to post updates about the development from time to time.
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I have a dream
posted by Administrator @ 10.10.2018 21:38:02 13 comments
Three years Lineage II Firebird
Dear adventurers.
It's unbelieveable how fast time goes by.
Next week this project will celebrate it's third anniversary.
A big thank you to everyone supporting this project. :)
It's amazing to have you all here after the server troubles we had last month.
Sadly the server started crashing the last few days, but we are already looking into this.

We hope to see you all on the 25th of September 2018. :)
The adena drop rate might be a bit enhanced on that day, but only for 24 hours starting after our weekly server restart in the morning. ;)

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator
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Playing With Fire
Dear adventurers.
On Tuesday, September 18th 2018 8am local time we are going to enable the "Playing With Fire" event on our server.


Playing With Fire

The Great Magus Ahuron Raulian is powerful and a bit quirky.
Determined to impress the girl of his dreams, he has sent his servants to the villages to help him set the perfect mood.
His feline servants are creating fireworks to fill the sky with glittering lights, and they need the assistance of playful adventurers to gather the ingredients to make them!


From September 18th 2018 8am local time through October 2nd 2018 8am local time, monsters will drop firework ingredients.
If you collect enough items, the cats in the villages will create fireworks for you to illuminate the skies of Aden.
To create a Firework, gather two Elven Firecrackers and two cans of Gunpowder.
To create a Large Firework, collect four Elven Firecrackers, four cans of Gunpowder, and one unit of Magnesium.

Take Your Best Shot!

Have you set the sky on fire? Send us your best screenshot of your fireworks by using the "Media upload tool" in our Media section.
Be sure to login on our website to be able to do this.

Good luck!


Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator
posted by Administrator @ 04.09.2018 11:04:20 3 comments
Security updates
Dear adventurers,

due to server security updates our hoster has to apply, we are going to shutdown the server on Monday, September 3rd 2018 from 4pm to 7pm local time.
The downtime might be shorter, but we cannot predict that.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator
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Server transfer
Dear adventurers,
due to heavy lag spikes we experienced in the last few days we are going to transfer the gameserver to a new machine.

This going to happen TODAY, starting at 9pm. (That is in ONE HOUR)
The transfer should be finished in one or two hours, hopefully.

Be sure to restart your computer since the DNS entries have to be changed for the new machine.
You don't have to update or change anything on your computer.

We really hope that the new machine (which actually has more power) will fix the problems once and for all.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator
posted by Administrator @ 19.08.2018 19:50:18 5 comments
Massive server performance problems
Dear adventurers.
We are currently experiencing massive server performance problems.

We already contacted the server support.
They told us that they will investigate the problem and inform us tomorrow what is going on.

Until then we keep the server shut down to avoid any possible XP or item loss.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

Update: We optimized a lot of the internal scripts to minimize any influence to the L2 gameserver. We are going to wait for the response of the support. The moment we receive it we are going live again.
posted by Administrator @ 17.08.2018 22:52:25 2 comments
Change of Heart
Dear adventurers.
On Tuesday, July 10th 2018 8am local time we are going to enable the "Change of Hearts" event on our server.


Change of Heart

Puss the Cat, the faithful servant of Dr. Chaos, is in the villages of Aden and Elmore to play a game with adventurers who collect and trade pieces of hearts. Nine different heart pieces will drop from monsters throughout the world. Collect one of each piece in order to try your chances at a rock, paper, scissors game with Puss the Cat.

After each round of the game, you will decide if you wish to continue playing or accept the prizes for the current round. When you lose, the game ends. Your prize is determined by how many times in a row you win. Losing will reduce the quality of your prize, so don’t be afraid to quit while you’re ahead!

Nobody goes away empty handed! All participants who do not win a game receive a consolation prize.

Good luck!


The end of the event drops as well as the removal of the event cats will be announced soon.

Info: The event item drops end on Tuesday, July 24th 2018 after the regular maintenance at 8 AM local time.
The event NPCs stay longer.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator
posted by Administrator @ 05.07.2018 14:41:37 6 comments
1000 days of Lineage II Firebird
Dear adventurers.
On Wednesday, June 20th 2018 at 8pm the 1000th day of Lineage II Firebird starts.
Since we had many problems with unexpected disconnects we recently rented an external server to run the L2 gameserver on.
We are currently testing it and so far it looks very promising.

So we are going to move the server software as well as the database to the new server on Wednesday, June 20th 2018 between 8am and 8pm local time.
This 12 hour long downtime should be enough to set everything up.
At 8pm we are going to start the server (hopefully) again and with it the 1000th day of Lineage II Firebird.

What a great opportunity to fix the disconnect problems... hopefully once and for all. :)

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator
posted by Administrator @ 13.06.2018 09:29:01 1 comments
The return of the PvE Island event
Dear adventurers.
It's been a long time, actually 17 months since we had the last PvE Island event.
After some research and tests I'm announcing the return of that event as many players kept asking about it.

We will (presumably) host this event on Saturday, June 9th 2018 8 PM local time.
Although the actual island where we hosted the event in the past technically doesn't exist anymore, we will keep the name "PvE Island" for historical reasons.
Characters of every level, class and race are welcome to participate, nobody leaves empty handed. :)

The rules as well as general information about the event will be provided at the start of the event.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

PS: Prepare your best gear, you will need it. ;)
posted by Administrator @ 25.05.2018 19:39:34 4 comments
Chronicle 2 1st Year Anniversary and Version
Dear adventurers.

Tomorrow, on May 1st 2018 we are going celebrate one year Chronicle 2 on Lineage II Firebird.
One year ago at 8 pm local time we went live with C2.
It was a rough start with many bugs and broken GeoData ("Sticky" :D) but we managed to stabilize things over the following days and weeks.

To celebrate this anniversary we are going to enable our adena event for 24 hours starting right after the weekly restart tomorrow.
Since we are also updating the server to version and trying to solve the network issues with our ISP, the downtime might be a bit longer than usual.

We hope to celebrate many more upcoming anniversaries with all of you. :)
A big "Thank you" to all of you for your great support over the past two and a half years.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator
posted by Administrator @ 30.04.2018 15:56:08 2 comments
Electrical work on Thursday
Dear adventurers.
On Thursday, April 26th we are going to shutdown the server at around 1pm local time due to electrical work in the building.
The power should be back after around three hours, but hopefully earlier.
As soon as the electricity is back, the server will power on automatically and restore all services.
We are sorry for any inconveniance that this may cause.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

PS: Due to the quick restart yesterday and the upcoming forced restart this Thursday, we will NOT restart the server this Tuesday for the weekly maintenance.
This means that the event cats will stay two days longer till after the Thursday shutdown.
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Medal collector event ending
Dear adventurers.
The medal collector event is slowly coming to an end.
That means that the monsters in Aden and Elmore will stop dropping the medals on April 3rd 2018 8 am local time.

You can still trade your medals for various rewards at the event managers.
The event managers will leave the server on April 24th 2018 8 am local time.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator
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Enhanced library and chapter 3 movie
Dear adventurers.
In the last weeks we were working on bringing back the library on our website, as we had during our C1 times.
Right now we finally unlocked some areas of it, please check it out.

It's been over two years since we made our second movie in the media section called "Lineage II Firebird: Chapter 2: Still Alive".
Today I'm proud to announce the premiere of the next chapter in that series.
Head to our media section, you'll find the movie right on top of the advertisement section.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

PS: The three event cats Roy, Wendy and Winnie will return this March...
PPS: Thank you all for your great image uploads. We are still processing them. Please only upload ingame screenshots from our server.
posted by Administrator @ 27.02.2018 08:15:33 3 comments
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