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Server Time Type Item Price Character Online
08.12.2019 17:10:18 WTB Cheap Karmian Set PM offers Crafty yes
04.12.2019 22:50:18 WTB D Crystals PM your offer Crafty yes
09.11.2019 03:26:02 WTS Resource Recipes lvl 1 and lvl 2 PM Crafty yes
27.10.2017 22:16:26 WTS Kranrot Plushies 500m Administrator yes
13.12.2019 18:34:42 WTS devo set +3 600k CursedByTheGods no
13.12.2019 14:20:30 WTB Rind Leather boots/gloves/armor 1+ Number17 no
11.12.2019 20:15:16 WTS I.ore, a. bone, suede pm Sundukoff no
10.12.2019 16:04:25 WTS Zubeis Boots MDT GnumLex no
10.12.2019 12:41:11 WTS Crystals B pm Top no
10.12.2019 00:58:28 WTS SP: BtB, BtS, Haste,MagicBarrier 100k Phavax no
09.12.2019 15:16:44 WTS WTS EAC per 100k pm <--------- 100k MONZA no
08.12.2019 17:07:51 WTS Swift attack potion(Haste lvl2) 10000 Lionheart no
08.12.2019 15:31:21 WTB iron hammer/viper fang 200k Enigma no
08.12.2019 15:20:17 WTS Recipe: SSC offer Smoothini no
08.12.2019 12:49:55 WTS Cestus (NG Fist 29 patk) 100k Smoothini no
08.12.2019 12:49:14 WTS Poniard Dagger (D grade 45 patk) offer Smoothini no
08.12.2019 12:48:02 WTS Sword Breaker (NG Dagger 27patk) offer Smoothini no
08.12.2019 12:47:09 WTS Long Bow (D grade Bow 114 p atk) offer Smoothini no
08.12.2019 08:38:00 WTT No Grade Fists 29 P.Attack 140.000 Elizabeth no
07.12.2019 21:41:51 WTB BEAB pm Top no

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Server Status

Loginserver: online
Gameserver: online
Players online: 30
Day: 1541



Local Time

14.12.2019 01:53:29
Europe/Vienna (CET)


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