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Server Time Type Item Price Character Online
16.02.2019 10:54:20 WTS Manticore boots MDT Pindurka yes
12.02.2019 22:25:27 WTS Amulets: Evasion, F.Flame, SoP 100/100/120k MDT Rand yes
12.02.2019 22:16:24 WTS Mats from black swan pm Sentinel85 yes
09.02.2019 01:30:56 WTS Briga Helmet (MDT) 450k Torvin yes
01.02.2019 16:31:30 WTS SSD, BSSD MDT Golda yes
01.02.2019 16:30:31 WTS Hatchlings Star, Wind n/n 35 lvl 200/250k (MDT) Golda yes
17.01.2019 20:17:22 WTB Blood Medusa Coins 5k Zoom yes
06.01.2019 09:07:04 WTS Craft D & C: shots, best, sets (MDT) Feliborn yes
18.01.2018 09:36:52 WTB Brigandine Helmet Design in Dion 10 k Uma yes
05.01.2018 15:40:25 WTS Recipe: Mantikore Skin Gaiters 5000 aden Uma yes
05.01.2018 15:35:09 WTS Recipe: Iron Boots 5000 aden Uma yes
20.02.2019 20:54:15 WTS recipes: fp gauntlets and boots 50k Gorm no
20.02.2019 18:35:19 WTS PL parts (mdt) 40k Gorm no
20.02.2019 12:31:09 WTS Blood of Saints (52 matk) 900k / offer Septimo no
20.02.2019 12:29:59 WTB Demon Fangs offer Septimo no
20.02.2019 00:47:01 WTS SB: Prominence 80000 Jack123 no
19.02.2019 19:10:11 WTS leather-cbp-sop offer Lock no
19.02.2019 19:09:58 WTS s.nugget-i.ore-varnish-coal offer Lock no
18.02.2019 21:05:24 WTB Mithril ore MDT CheapCraft no
18.02.2019 05:23:52 WTB Nectar 500 adena Roght no

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Server Status

Loginserver: online
Gameserver: online
Players online: 55
Day: 1245



Local Time

21.02.2019 09:48:54
Europe/Vienna (CET)


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