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Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness

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Lineage II Firebird: Chronicle 3 - Client: download download download download
L2 Firebird - Patch v1b: download (required)  
Background client performance: slow (default)            fast "fast" fixes desynchronization when having a 2nd client running in the background, but consumes more CPU and GFX power.
Move the DLL into your "Lineage II Firebird\System" folder.

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Lineage II Firebird: Chronicle 3 - Mac OS X Client: download download Thanks to Rigeborod for providing this client for us.

After you have downloaded the client, run the executable to unpack the game.

Download L2 Firebird - Patch v1b and extract it into your game clients folder. Overwrite any existing files if asked.

You can now start the game by using the LineageII.exe in the game clients folder.

Welcome to the World of Lineage II Firebird. Enjoy your stay.
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