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Library :: Quests

    1000 years, the End of Lamentation
Antharas Watchman Gilmore seeks to avenge the soldiers who were made undead after failing in their brave attempt to subjugate the evil beast 1,000 years ago. He requests that you destroy the cave servants and recover the belongings of the fallen soldiers. Hunt Cave Servants, Cave Servant Archers, Cave Servant Warriors, Cave Servant Captains and the Royal Cave Servant.

    A Wiseman Sows Seeds
u,Great Magus Kranvel's spellbook has been opened for the upcoming fight with Beleth. The magic power emanating from the book has destroyed fertile farmland and produced weird and grotesque creatures. Filled with rage and grief, Spellsinger Diena destroyed the magus�s spellbook. Rumor says it is now located in the Ant Nest. Wiseman Casian wishes to open Great Magus Kranvel's spellbook again. Obtain the Great Magus Kranvel's spellbook so he can recultivate the Wastelands. Kill Ant Recruits, Ant Patrols, Ant Guards, Noble Ants and Noble Ant Leaders.

    Acts of Evil
A cargo wagon transporting goods to the Dark Forest was ambushed by Turek orcs. Guard Alvah requests that you recover the stolen cargo. You should first speak with Trader Arodin at the weapons shop in Gludin Village.

    Adept of Taste
Chef Jonas is preparing a monster eye steak for a competition. The judge is Magister Mirien, also known as the 'Adept of Taste'. You must collect the highest-quality ingredients in order to satisfy her.

    Alligator Hunter
Trader Enverun asks you to join him on a hunting excursion to Alligator Island. He offers to pay you a reward for each alligator pelt.

    An Arrogant Search
A mysterious, swirling vortex over the tower of an ancient king.

    Arrow of Vengeance
Guard Belton burns for revenge after losing his family to the land dragon, antharas. He is making a special arrow of harpy feather, medusa venom, and wyrm's tooth in order to slay the dragon. He asks you to help him collect the ingredients.Monster to

    Audience with the Land Dragon
The quest to obtain the portal stone, needed to enter the Lair of Antharas. Seal Watchman Gabrielle warns that Antharas has been awakened, and asks you to join the party going to slay the dragon. She says that the Lair of Antharas is surrounded by a magical field and is unapproachable, but she thinks that the portal stone may activate the heart of the field and allow one to pass through. Only those acknowledged by the seal watchmen may receive the stone. Follow Gabrielle's instructions and visit the other four watchmen. Complete their assignments and receive their acknowledgements. The four watchmen of the seal are: Magister Kaiena of the Ivory Tower, Prefect Chakiris of the Hunters' Village, Master Kendra of Aden Castle Town and High Priest Orven of Aden Castle Town.

    Bard's Mandolin
Bard Swan, a secret admirer of Musician Nanarin, wants to give her a rare and precious flute. He asks that you visit Trader Woodrow, an importer of flutes.

    Black Swan
Captain Gosta of Heine asks you to kill the Tasaba lizardmen that stole the cargo belonging to Iason Heine's Commercial Guild. Slay the Tasaba lizardmen and bring back their fangs or the barrels of league that were stolen and Iason Heine will give you a reward. Kill the Tasaba Lizardmen and Tasaba Lizardmen Shamans.

    Blood Fiend
Trader Creamees' friends and family were all killed by the dark side. Kirunak, the leader of the dark side, still lurks within the Underground Fortress. Creamees asks you to seek revenge upon Kirunak.

    Blood Offering
Slay the evil creatures that steal the blood offering! Within 18 minutes of the time limit, you must collect as much blood offering as possible. If you want to quit before finishing this task or wish to make the task more challenging, speak with a festival witch.

    Bones Tell the Future
Tetrarch Kaitar tells the future by throwing the bones of the undead. He performs a monthly reading to predict any imminent threat to the Dark Elves. He needs more bone fragments of the undead and asks you to go and collect 10 of them for him. You can obtain them by going to the School of Dark Arts and slaying skeletons.

    Brigands Sweep
Elder Spiron of the Golden Wheel Guild says that his guild has suffered extensive trade losses recently because of goblin brigands, and asks you to purge them from the mountains. Defeat the goblins, collect their necklaces and bring them back for a reward. Hunt Goblin Snoopers, Goblin Brigands, Goblin Brigand Lieutenants, Goblin Brigand Leaders and the Goblin Lord.

    Bring Out the Flavor of Ingredients!
Magister Rollant of Dion Castle is an aspiring chef. He has become disillusioned by the shoddy practices of other chefs. Bring him four ritron fruits, 20 moon face flowers, 10 drops of leech fluids and two antidotes and he will make a top quality dish that is far superior to anything else. Hunt Dire Wolves, Kadif Werewolves and Giant Mist Leeches.

    Bring Wolf Pelts
Sir Windawood asks Trader Lector to create leather equipment for the militia. Lector is a great tailor, but is short of materials. He asks you to collect forty wolf pelts and bring them to him right away.

    Catch the Wind
Lireins, the spirits of the storm, possess a soulstone known as wind shard in their bodies. Rizraell asks you to collect them to create the Scroll of the Wind. Defeat the Lireins and return the wind shards to Rizraell. You will find Lireins near the Neutral Zone towards the end of the Elven Forest.

    Chains of Slavery
The imps were created to serve the Dark Elves, but recently have broken the spell that had been binding them and escaped into the woods. The Dark Elven Tetrarchs are preparing a spell to recapture the imps, but they must have an Imp shackle. Go to the Dark Elven Forest and take an Imp shackle to Sentry Kristin. Hunt Imps and Imp Elders.

    Coin of Magic
Coin Collector Warehouse Keeper Sorint asks you to meet with Hunters Union President Bernard and retrieve the golden dragon of Kaldis.

    Collect Arrowheads
Master Minia of the Fighters Guild is a collector of odd weapons. She has recently become interested in the weaponry of the Turath Orc Marksmen, and asks you to retrieve their arrowheads in the Elven Ruins.

    Collect Spores
The Elven Forest is being slowly contaminated by the poisonous Sea of Spores. The Elven Hierarachs are researching a neutralizer with the aid of Trader Herbiel. Herbiel asks for spore powder, essential to the research. Collect 10 spore sacs from spore fungi found in the Elven Forest and take them to Herbiel.

    Collector of Jewels
Magister Nell is researching the Forgotten Temple. After learning of a relationship between the Forgotten Temple and the Elven Ruins, she asks you to bring her back broken fragments of elemental stone. Obtain 50 flame shards and 50 ice shards. Hunt Roxides, Lakin Undines, Rowin Undines, Death Fires, Lakin Salamanders and Salamander Rowins.

    Collector's Dream
Alshupes, a collector of unusual claws and pelts, is interested in giant spiders. He asks you to bring him eight legs of Crimson Spiders, Hook Spiders or Pincer Spiders.

    Competition for the Bandit Stronghold
This quest must be accomplished in order to participate in a clan hall war. You must be the first of five to kill Tarlk bugbears and Tarlk basilisks and bring back 30 proofs. Successful completion of this quest permits participation in a clan hall war. In the Forest of Evil Spirits hunt Tarlk bugbears, Tarlk bugbear warriors and Tarlk bugbear high warriors. In the Forest of Outlaws hunt Tarlk basilisks and elder Tarlk basilisks.

    Conquest of Alligator Island
Warehouse Freightman Kluck of Heine intends to develop a free trade zone on Alligator Island. He asks you to wipe out the evil creatures there and bring him their teeth as proof. Take 100 or more proofs to him at once and he will give you a bonus. Hunt Crokian Lads, Dailaon Lads, Crokian Lad Warriors, Farhite Lads, Nos Lads and Swamp Tribes.

    Covert Business
The notorious Black Mage Hardin has asked the Bronze Key Guild to gather bat fangs. For unknown reasons Elder Keef has accepted this request and begun covert dealings with Hardin. Hardin has asked them to slay Blade Bats or Barbed Bats and bring back 100 of their fangs. It's dirty work, but the warriors of the guild are happy to do it. You must be very discreet. Hunt Blade Bats and Barbed Bats.

    Crystals of Fire and Ice
Trader Katerina specializes in jewelry. She asks you to go to the Elven Ruins and collect soul ore shards, which were used by ancient Elven mystics. Hunt Salamanders and Undines in the Elven Ruins to obtain flame shards and ice shards respectively. Hunt Salamanders, Salamander Elders, Salamander Nobles, Undines, Undine Elders and Undine Nobles.

    Cure for Fever Disease
Elias, a Master at the School of Wizardry, has been gathering herbs in the northern woods with some students. The students have fallen ill, and Priest Yohanes has been asked to create a remedy. He needs the poison sacs of many spiders, and you are asked to bring them to him.

    Curiosity of a Dwarf
u,Dwarven Trader Rolento is interested in studying the internal structure and activation methods of golems. He's especially interested in their power source, and asks you to obtain a piece of stone that is known as "Heart Stone." It can be obtained from granite golems or punchers.Monsters to Hunt � punchers and granite golems.

    Curse of the Underground Fortress
Trader Unoren explains that the undead creatures in the Underground Fortress are soldiers resurrected by a curse. He wants to quiet the vengeful spirits and free the souls of his comrades. He asks that you bring him bone fragments of undead monsters and skulls of Elves. Hunt Dungeon Skeleton Soldiers, Dungeon Skeleton Archers, Dread Soldiers, Dark Terrors and Mist Terrors.

    Dangerous Seduction
Dark Elven Tetrarch Vellior cannot sleep because of terrible nightmares caused by a succubus. You're asked to kill the succubus Merkenis at the School of Dark Arts.

    Dark Elf Tutorial
To prove your fighting abilities you need to deliver four keltir fangs.Monster to Hunt - Bearded Keltir

    Dark Winged Spies
Baranka is plotting the destruction of the Orc kingdom. He's using Darkwing Bats to spy on the Orcs. The Magisters have requested Darkwing Bat fangs in order to protect their territories from the approaching beasts. Neruga Chief Tantus has asked that you hunt Darkwing Bats and bring back seventy of their fangs. Hunt Darkwing Bats and Baranka's Trackers.

    Deliver Goods
Guard Arnold, who has been working on the recovery of several recent shipwrecks, asks you to deliver some salvaged goods. Deliver the wooden box to Trader Jackson in the weapons shop. Deliver the bolts of cloth to Trader Silvia at the grocery store, and deliver the clay jar to Warehouse Keeper Rant.

    Deliver Supplies
Sentry Jenna says that according to Tetrarch Kaitar's prophecy, the Dark Forest will soon be invaded by outside forces. To prepare for the attack, all Sentries are optimizing their weapons. Master Harant has promised to provide them with new weapons, and they ask you to fetch them.

    Destroy Plague Carriers
The ratmen, known by Elves as "the plague carriers," were responsible for an epidemic in the Elven Forest and once fought on the side of the Dark Elves. Understandably, the Elves harbor great bitterness towards them. Master Ellenia asks you to kill the ratmen that are nesting in the Elven Underground Fortress. You must especially destroy Varool Foulclaw, their boss, and bring her back his fangs as proof. She has promised you a reward. Hunt the Sukar Wererats, the Sukar Wererat Leaders and Varool Foulclaw.

    Devil's Legacy
u,Pirate Zaken�s followers imprisoned him on Devil's Isle and stole his treasure, but he eventually got his revenge by killing them all and turning them into pirate zombies and pirate zombie captains. You must go there, conduct an investigation, recover the stolen treasure, and take it to Warehouse Keeper Randolf in Giran Castle Town.

    Dig Up the Sea of Spores!
Magister Gauen of the Ivory Tower wishes to perform an in-depth study of the Sea of Spores. He asks that you bring him 50 carnivore spores and 50 herbivorous spores. Perhaps he would settle for just 50 of one type... Hunt Rotting Trees and Spore Zombies.

    Dreaming of the Skies
Elder Arin, leader of the Black Anvil Guild, has long dreamed of mastering the technology of the Titans and developing the ultimate flying machine. He requires research materials. He asks you to collect 50 floating stones and bring them to him. These stones may be obtained by hunting magical weavers.

    Dwarf Tutorial
To prove your fighting abilities you need to deliver four keltir fangs.Monster to Hunt - Bearded Keltir

    Dwarven Kinship
The Dwarven Warehouse Freightman Collette misses her friends and asks you to deliver a letter to Warehouse Keeper Haprock in Gludio Castle Town.

    Electrifying Recharge!
u,Researcher Lorain says that she has discovered the secret of the Titan�s energy. She asks that you use an ancient item in a fight against Catherok, the monster of Cruma Tower and thereby expose the ancient item to the influence of the skill Catherok uses.

    Elf Tutorial
To prove your fighting abilities you need to deliver four keltir fangs.Monster to Hunt - Bearded Keltir

    Enhance Your Weapon
Many Magisters and Maestros have been recruiting volunteers to form a united front against the coming dark days. They have developed methods of strengthening weaponry as a way of empowering individual members of their forces. They tell you that now is the time to grow individual strength to prepare for the approaching darkness and ask you to learn to use enhanced weaponry...Monsters that can use Soul Crystals -Lair of Antharas: Malruk Knight, Malruk Berserker, Malruk Lord, Limal Karinness, Karik, Pytan, Pytan KnightDevil's Isle: Bloody Bat, Unpleasant Humming, Death Flyer, Fiend Archer, Musveren, Zaken's Royal Guard, Kaim Vanul, Pirate Zombie Captain, Doll Blader, Vale Master, Sairon, Sairon's Doll, Sairon's Puppet, Light BringerTimak Outpost: Timak Orc Series, Timak Orc Troop SeriesFields of Massacre: Doom Servant, Doom Guard, Doom Archer, Doom Trooper, Doom Warrior, Doom KnightGiants Cave: Halingka, Yintzu, Paliote, Hamrut, KranrotForest of Mirrors: Forest of Mirrors Ghost, Mirror, Harit Lizardman, Harit Lizardman Soldier, Harit Lizardman ArcherTower of Insolence: Erin Ediunce, Platinum Series, Angel SeriesGarden of Eva: Nos, Blade Stakato Series, Water Giant, Queen Undine Lad, Eva's Seeker, Theeder Piker, Theeder Mage, Doll Master, Light Worm, Garden Guard Leader, Garden Guard

    Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1
Head Researcher Sobling asks you to find the relics of ancient Titans that are guarded by monsters in the cave. Hunt Yintzus, Paliotes, Hamruts and Kranrots.

    Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 2
Head Researcher Sobling asks you to find the relics of the Titans from the deepest recesses of Giants Cave using the newly acquired "Ancient Language Dictionary: Intermediate Level". Hunt Lesser Giant Soldiers, Lesser Giant Scouts, Lesser Giant Mages and Lesser Giant Elders.

    Family Honor
Although Trader Galibredo of Oren Castle Town is now a mere merchant, his roots are aristocratic. Some time ago, he purchased several busts made by the ancient sculptor, Berona. As they were being delivered to him they were stolen by orcs. He desperately wishes to recover the ancient statues, regardless of the cost. He promises an extra reward each time you bring him 100 or more statues. Hunt Timak Orc Troop Archers, Warriors, Troop Leaders and Troop Shamans.

    Fantasy Wine
u,It is the tradition of Guard Harlan�s family in Dion Village to make wine whenever a new child is born. To celebrate the birth of a daughter, they plan to make fantasy wine. They need 80 leaves of eucalyptus and 100 stones of chill. Hunt Enku Orc Champions and Enku Orc Shamans.

    Fate's Whisper
The soul of Reiria, Maestro Reorin's dearly departed wife, is being held hostage by demons. He asks that you free her by slaying Messenger Cabrio and recovering the soul orb. He was last seen lurking in the northern part of the cemetery.

    Find Sir Windawood
Guard Abellos tells you that an urgent message has arrived from Gludio Castle for Sir Collin Windawood, the Consul of Talking Island. He asks you to deliver the message to the Consul near the Obelisk of Victory.

    For Sleepless Deadmen
Knight Gustav of Elmore has resurrected the dead heroes of Aden to serve his evil purposes. Recover 60 of their remains and take them to High Priest Orven in Aden Castle so that they can be laid to rest. Hunt Doom Archers, Doom Guards and Doom Servants.

    Forgotten Truth
Dark Elven Tetrarch Thifiell asked Abyssal Celebrant Kartia to translate an ancient manuscript. He now asks you to retrieve the translated copy of "Kaysha's Revelations". You must be very discreet.

    Fruit of the Mothertree
Andellia and her sisters care for the Mother Trees. You received a letter informing you that the Mother Tree near Iris Lake, maintained by their younger sister Thalia, has borne fruit. Since Andellia and her sisters cannot leave the Mother Trees untended, they ask you to visit Thalia and bring back the fruit of the Mother Tree.

    Gatekeeper's Favor
Gatekeeper Wirphy of the Dwarven Village is made from the technology of ancient giants. She is exhausted after teleporting a large group of traders. She asks you to collect 20 starstones, the ancient giants' source of energy, and bring them to her. Hunt the whinstone golems.

    Gatekeeper's Offering
Gatekeeper Tamil says that in order to complete his teleport magic, he needs the aid of the totem spirit of the spider. To get this, he must make regular offerings. He asks you to collect 20 starstones from the greystone golems. He will reward you with a token for a free teleportation to Gludin.

    Get a Pet
To receive a pet, you must earn the approval of Pet Manager Martin in Gludin Village. He says that you must have love for and knowledge of animals to prove that you deserve a pet. He asks you to return to your hometown, eliminate all animal killers and return to him.

    Go Get the Calculator.
You must travel to the Dwarven Village to obtain a newly developed calculator for the blacksmith Brunon, who has promised a considerable reward. The Trade Guild will have information regarding the device.

    Grim Collector
While discussing the ruins, Guard Curtis speaks of some good work and tells you about Samed. Visit Samed and talk about Curtis. You'll be asked to run an errand.

    Help Rood Raise A New Pet!
Pet Manager Rood of Heine wants to raise a new pet. He asks you to obtain Lienrik eggs. A Lienrik is a beautiful beast that lives in the Field of Silence. Female Lienrik eggs are much rarer than male Lienrik eggs. Hunt Lienriks and Lienrik Lads.

    Human Fighter Tutorial
To prove your fighting abilities you need to deliver four keltir fangs.Monster to Hunt - Bearded Keltir

    Human Mystic Tutorial
To prove your fighting abilities you need to deliver four keltir fangs.Monster to Hunt - Bearded Keltir

    Hunt of the Black Lion
Sophya, the captain of the Black Lion Mercenaries, asks that you help to rid Dion Castle Town of monsters. Eliminate the undead on the Execution Ground, the Ol Mahums in the Partisan Hideaway, the Delu Lizardmen on the southern shores and the Marsh Stakato in the Cruma Marshlands.

    Hunt the Orcs
The Kaboo Orcs in the Misty Mountains have begun attacking the Elven Forest. The Hierarch has ordered Sentinel Rayen to recruit warriors to battle them. The Hierarch will reward those who destroy Kaboo Orcs and bring proof.

    Hunting for Wild Beasts
Grocer Pano asks you to drive away the bears that are threatening his proposed fishing resort west of Floran Village. Take 20 pelts to him to claim your reward. Hunt Dion grizzlies in the Dion Hills, Grizzly Bears and Red Bears on the Fellmere Harvesting Grounds, and Brown Bears on Windmill Hill.

    Illegitimate Child of A Goddess
To protect Shilen's reputation, Grand Master Oltlin asks you to destroy the evil creatures that are evidence of her descent into madness. Collect 108 snake scales from the evil creatures that look like her and take them to Grand Master Oltlin. You will find them in front of the Forbidden Gateway. Hunt Falibati and Trives.

    Invaders of the Holy Land
Atuba Chief Varkees reports that rakeclaw imps have invaded the Immortal Plateau, polluting the holy land of the Orcs. He explains that rakeclaw imps were created and are being controlled by someone who uses witchcraft. Defeat the vile invaders and collect the soulstones embedded in their hearts to find out who is controlling them. If you bring the red soul stones back to Varkees, you'll receive a greater reward. In Hero's Valley you must kill Rakeclaw Imps and Rakeclaw Imp Hunters. On the northern Immortal Plateau, hunt Rakeclaw Imp Chieftains.

    Jovial Accordion
Barbado explains that he has long been an admirer of Swan's music and his fondest wish is to someday play a duet with him. Swan has not responded to his invitation, and Barbado has gotten the impression that Swan is avoiding him. Barbado asks you to visit Swan on his behalf.

    Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss
Collector Gouph of the Bronze Key Guild has purchased a rare star diamond from Trader Reep of the Silver Scales Guild. It is one of only twelve on the continent! Three days have past since the agreed-upon delivery date and Gouph is becoming impatient. He asks you to go to Trader Reep, retrieve the star diamond and bring it to him.

    Kail's Magic Coin
Head Blacksmith Vergara has just joined the coin collecting club. He wants to trade his coins for rarer coins. Bring the coins Vergara wants so that he will give you the coins you want. Hunt Fallen Orcs, Fallen Orc Archers, Fallen Orc Shamans and Fallen Orc Captains.

    Keen Claws
Trader Payne is a famous maker of arrowheads. Recently he was asked by Sir Kiel Nighthawk to make hooked arrows from wolf claws. In order to make the arrows in time, he needs someone to help him to collect the ingredients. Collect and bring him fifty wolf claws. Hunt Ashen Wolves and Goblins.

    Legacy of Insolence
Warehouse Keeper Walderal belongs to the Gray Pillar Guild. He needs a blueprint of the Tower of Insolence to further his research. Slay the powerful enemies in the Tower of Insolence and recover the blueprint! If you find other books, ask Walderal about them. You must kill the Corrupt Sages, Erin Ediunce, Hallate's Inspectors, Platinum Tribe Overlords, Platinum Guardian Prefects and Messenger Angels.

    Legacy of the Poet
Sentinel Starden is a veteran of the battle of the Underground Fortress. Rumiel the poet, a longtime friend and fellow soldier, died in battle and his poems were lost within the fortress. Starden asks you to find his old friend's works somewhere in the Underground Fortress. Hunt Baraq Orc Fighters and Baraq Orc Warrior Leaders.

    Let's Become a Royal Member!
Warehouse Keeper Sorint explains that a royal membership program has recently been introduced for level 1 members. To become royalty you must obtain Kail's coin from the monsters of the Forsaken Plains. You must also obtain the coin collecting album sold by Trader Sandra in Giran. Hunt Ancient Gargoyles.

    Letters of Love
Darin of Talking Island Village has fallen in love with Gatekeeper Roxxy. He is too shy to express his feelings and asks you to deliver his love letter to her.

    Little Wing's Big Adventure
Wiseman Cronos suggests you to consult Fairy Mymyu concerning the raising of Hatchling to Strider.

    Little Wing
Quest that must be completed in order to obtain a pet hatchling. Visit Pet Manager Cooper and tell him that you wish to raise a hatchling. He will tell you to seek help from Wiseman Cronos of Hunters Village.

    Long Live the Paagrio Lord
Paagrio Lord Kakai, the ruler of all Orcs, has fallen ill. The centurions have decreed that each tribe will offer him gifts to improve his health. Centurion Nakusin asks you to collect offerings from the six tribes. You must meet with the following tribal representatives: Tataru Zu Hestui of the dignified Hestui tribe, Chief Varkees of the cold-blooded Atuba tribe, Warehouse Keeper Grookin of the formidable Neruga tribe, Gantaki Zu Urutu of the strong-willed Urutu tribe, Trader Kunai of the strategist Dudamara tribe and Trader Uska of the ruthless Gandi tribe.

    Magnificent Feast
Help Guard Harlan of Dion Castle Town by obtaining and bringing back some top quality wine!

    Mass of Darkness
Abyssal Celebrant Undrias is busily preparing for the ceremony of Shilen and Gran Kain. He asks you to go to the village and obtain several items that he will need for the Mass of Darkness. He asks for the following: a ceremonial dagger from Trader Iria in the Weapons Shop, dreviant wine from Warehouse Keeper Dorankus, and Garmiel's scripture from Master Trudy of the Elder Council.

    Merciless Punishment
u,Baranka, Shaman of Darkness, is scheming to destroy the kingdom of the Orcs. Urutu Chief Hatos has learned of his plot, and has ordered the elimination of all of Baranka�s followers. Kill them all! Centurion Parugon will tell you where to find them.

    Method to Raise the Dead
Locksmith Dorothy asks you to determine what happened to her recently vanished friends who disappeared along with a pirate's treasure. She fears that they were eaten by crokians on the Field of Whispers and wants you to search there for their bones. Hunt Crokians and Crokian Warriors.

    Millennium Love
Lilith has pined for her lost love for over a thousand years in the temple of Talking Island. She lost her lover, Theon, in the war against Beleth. Because his body was never recovered, she has never accepted his death. She asks you to look for him on your way to Gludio.

    Mimir's Elixir
Magister Ladd tells you how to create Mimir's elixir. Magic Trader Wesley under the Ivory Tower will teach you the basic technique of mixing reagents. Magister Ladd tells you that the formula for pure silver is equal parts Lunargent and Quicksilver.

    Miner's Favor
Miner Bolter, a member of the Gray Column Guild, lives at the Strip Mine. He asks you to bring him some things from the village. Visit Trader Shari of the weapons shop, Trader Garita of the item store, Warehouse Chief Reed and Blacksmith Brunon and bring back the items for Miner Bolter.

    Nerupa's Request
Trader Unoren asked Nerupa to collect silvery spidersilks for him. Norupa doesn't want to enter the village and asks you to deliver the silvery spidersilks to Trader Unoren in the weapons shop and bring back a nightshade leaf.

    Offspring of Nightmares
Magister Vlasty is researching the dark horror, an undead monster. He needs unbroken skulls for the research, and asks you to hunt dark horrors and bring the skulls back to him. Dark horrors are found in the swamps southwest of the village. Even broken skulls will fetch you some adena.

    Orc Subjugation
Balor orcs have invaded the Dark Forest, and the Dark Elves are fiercely defending their territory from their former slaves. Defeat the Balor orcs and bring proof to Sentry Kayleen for a reward. Hunt Balor Orc Archers, Balor Orc Fighters, Balor Orc Lieutenants and Balor Orc Fighter Leaders.

    Orc Tutorial
To prove your fighting abilities you need to deliver four keltir fangs.Monster to Hunt - Bearded Keltir

    Path to a Cleric
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupation to Cleric. Tell Priest Zigaunt that you wish to become a Cleric, and he ask you to prove your pure faith. To do this, you must remove all inappropriate books that criticize the current order. The first rumors about those books appeared in Gludio Castle Town. Go there and ask Trader Simplon about the book, 'Understanding of Miracles.' Then recover all the books the trader has sold.

    Path to a Dark Wizard
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupation to Dark Wizard. Witch Varika speaks of the four seeds representing anger, despair, horror, and lunacy. One who obtains them all may become a Dark Wizard. She gives you a Seed of Despair and asks you to find the rest.

    Path to a Human Knight
u,The quest to change one�s occupation to Knight. Squires must travel to Gludin Village, Gludio Castle Town, and Talking Island Village and run errands for captains and high priests. Gather three or more Coins of Lords.

    Path to a Human Wizard
The quest to change occupation to Wizard. Parina asks that you find tokens which symbolize earth, fire, water, and wind. Go to the Ruins of Despair and meet the fire spirit salamander.

    Path to a Monk
This quest is required in order to change occupation to Monk. Gantaki Zu Urutu will instruct you in the traditional martial arts of the Orcs and tell you that you must receive a scroll from two Masters. He tells you to first go to Khavatari Rosheek, who is training somewhere on the Immortal Plateau.

    Path to a Palus Knight
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupation to Palus Knight. Master Virgil asks that you capture the 'gaze of abyss' through a trial in order to become a Palus Knight. He says you must then go to the Neutral Zone and bring back 13 lycanthrope skulls needed for the 13 Skull Ceremony. This will fulfill the first stage of the trial.

    Path to a Rogue
Quest to change occupation to Rogue. Find Captain Bezique and tell him you wish to become a Rogue. He says that in order to earn his respect, you must catch one of the thieves. He suggests you meet with Neti.

    Path to a Shillien Oracle
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupation to Shillien Oracle. Magister Sidra explains that to become a Shilien Oracle you must acquire two books written in ancient rune: the 'Garmiel book' and the 'Andariel book'. First you must visit Magister Talbot in the Village of Gludin, and learn how to obtain the Garmiel book.

    Path to a Warrior
Quest that must be fulfilled in order to change occupations to a Warrior. Tell Master Aymus that you wish to become a Warrior, and he will tell you to first visit Trader Simplon in the Town of Gludio and find the 'Sword of Trial.'

    Path to an Artisan
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupation to Artisan. The Dwarf Village Blacksmith Silvery tells you that to become an Artisan you must receive recognition from three Blacksmiths that have been Artisans for a long time. He asks you to go to the Abandoned Coal Mines and obtain 10 Boogle Ratman teeth and two Boogle Ratman Leader's big teeth.

    Path to an Assassin
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupation to Assassin. To become an Assassin, Triskell asks you to prove your skills by helping Witch Arkenia who can be found at the Altar of Rites.

    Path to an Elven Knight
Quest that must be fulfilled in order to change occupation to Elven Knight. Tell Master Sorius that you wish to become an Elven Knight. He will order you to go to the Ruins of Agony and defeat the undead to collect pieces of topaz. The undead will include Tracker Skeletons, Tracker Skeleton Leaders, Skeleton Scouts, Skeleton Bowmen, and Raging Spartoi.

    Path to an Elven Oracle
This quest must be fulfilled to change occupation to Oracle. Tell Priest Manuel that you wish to become an Oracle. He tells you about the Revelation of the Torch, and asks you to investigate the truth about the recent appearance of a miraculous girl near the lighthouse in Gludin Harbor.

    Path to an Elven Scout
The quest that must be fulfilled to change one's occupation to that of an Elven Scout. In order to become an Elven Scout, Master Reisa tells you to prove your skills by finding Guard Moretti's lost friend.

    Path to an Elven Wizard
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupation to Elven Wizard. Rosella tells you that to become an Elven Wizard, you must collect the jewels that represent each of the four elements: water, fire, wind and earth. She hands you the fertility period, which symbolizes earth, and asks you to find the rest.

    Path to an Orc Raider
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupation to Orc Raider. Prefect Karukia says that Orc Raiders must prove that their courage and loyalty are without fault. To prove your courage you must destroy the Goblins and their Kuruka Ratmen helpers that are ruining this land. Kill Goblin Tomb Raider Leaders and Kuruka Ratman Leaders.

    Path to an Orc Shaman
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupation to Orc Shaman. Tataru Zu Hestui explains that in order to become an Orc Shaman, you must learn to lead spirits. In order to accomplish this, you must master the 'Language of Fire' which will enable you to communicate with spirits. There are three items needed to prepare for learning the language of fire. You must collect the pelt of a Kasha Bear, the husk of a Kasha Blade Spider and a fiery egg of a Scarlet Salamander. Kasha Bears and Kasha Blade Spiders can be found in the northern Immortal Plateau and Scarlet Salamanders can be found in the Cave of Trials. Monsters to hunt: Kasha Bears, Kasha Blade Spiders and Scarlet Salamanders.Monsters to hunt: Kasha Bears, Kasha Blade Spiders and Scarlet Salamanders.

    Path to become a Scavenger
This quest must be fulfilled before transferring to Scavenger class. Collector Pippi of the Dwarven Village encourages all aspiring Dwarves to become Scavengers. To become a Scavenger, you must receive the permission of Master Toma, whose whereabouts are currently unknown. It is said that his younger sister, Trader Mion of Dwarven Village, may know his whereabouts.

    Pleas of Pixies
The Queen of the Pixies is preparing a spell to protect nesting birds in the Elven Forest from keltirs and wolves. Pixy Murika has been ordered to collect the ingredients needed. She asks you to bring her 100 Red Keltir or Gray Wolf fangs. She will reward you with a sparkling stone that was found in the forest. Hunt Young Red Keltirs, Red Keltirs, Elder Red Keltirs and Gray Wolves.

    Plunder Their Supplies
Monsters are defiling the Cemetery where the heroes of this kingdom are buried. You are part of the forces pledged to drive them out. You must interrupt their supply line, kill them and take all the supplies and documents they are carrying to Guard Coleman in Aden Castle Town. Hunt Taik Orc Seekers and Taik Orc Supply Leaders.

    Power of Darkness
Galman is a businessman in Dragon Valley. He is very depressed because his lover is dying. Out of desperation he has begun delving into the powers of darkness. He asks you to find him a stone of contract. Hunt the Malruk Succubus and the Malruk Succubus Turens.

    Proof of Clan Alliance
Quest that must be completed in order to raise clan level to level 4. Sir Kristof Rodemai of Giran Castle Town is seeking a clan leader to restore order in the kingdom. Find Sir Rodemai and speak to him. He will say that he cannot join forces with someone whose skills are yet unproven, and recommends you to first attempt Witch Kalis' test. If you complete her test and return, he promises to give the 'Proof of Alliance,' which is needed when expanding the clan's powers and influences. First, go and seek Witch Kalis near the vicinity of the Ivory Tower.

    Proof of Valor
Praetorian Rukain treats young Orcs as if they were children. He believes that those who wish to become Orc Fighters must prove their valor by hunting kasha wolves and bringing back fifty of their fangs.

    Protect the Water Source
Elven Hierarch Asterios is concerned that the Mother Tree of the village is being contaminated. He asks you to visit its water source, the lake north of the village. Destroy the cause of the contamination, the Plague Zombies.

    Pursuit of Clan Ambition!
Quest that must be fulfilled in order to raise clan to level 5. Upon meeting Sir Gustaf Athebaldt in the town of Oren, he expresses his desire to aid the young and courageous leaders for the future of the kingdom. He promises to give you the 'Proof of Aspiration,' which is needed when expanding the clan's powers and influences should you agree to join forces with him. Sir Athebaldt asks you to help him prepare for the attack against the dragon Antharas, and tells you to go meet Marvin in Giran Castle Town.

    Rancher's Plea
u,Edmond and his friend Marius want to build a ranch on Talking Island, but giant spiders are killing their livestock. They are offering rewards to hunters based on the number of spiders� husks that they bring back. If you take the husks to Marius, Edmond's partner, you will receive supplies. Hunt giant spiders, blade spiders and talon spiders.

    Recover Smuggled Goods
Warehouse Keeper Wilfred has been smuggling goods in violation of the embargo enacted after the war with Grecia. Recently a merchant ship was stranded, spilling adamantite ore all over the shore. Much of the ore was recovered, but giant toads are swallowing what remains of it. Hunt the Giant Toads and recover the ore.

    Recover the Farmland
Turek orcs have infested the previously fertile farmland northwest of Gludio. On behalf of the farmers of Gludio, Farmer Piotur is recruiting mercenaries to drive out the orcs from their stolen farmland. Slay the Turek orcs, collect the proofs and take them to Piotur. He will give you a reward.

    Repent Your Sins
The Black Judge tells the sinner that he has a chance for redemption. Will you follow the path of penitence, sure to be filled with trials and tribulations?

    Revenge of the Redbonnet
Maryse Redbonnet lost her family and very nearly her own life to wolves as a child, and therefore burns with hatred for them. She asks that you hunt the black wolves around the village, gather forty of their pelts and bring them back to her. She will reward you with her grandmother's heirloom.

    Sacrifice to the Sea
In order to calm the violent storms that have battered the island, Lighthouse Keeper Rockswell is planning a ritual sacrifice to the goddess Shilen. The original ritual calls for a live maiden, but he decides to offer a doll instead. To make the hair of the doll, he needs fox fur. Hunt Keltirs around the village and take 10 units of fox fur to Cristel in the village.

    Scent of Death
Trader Minaless, who grows herbs on the side, has recently been growing a flower called nightshade. This plant requires a special fertilizer known as zombie dust. You must have zombie skin in order to create zombie dust. Trader Minaless asks you to go to the Marshlands south of the Dark Forest, slay the Marsh Zombies and bring back five zombie skins.

    Sea of Spores Fever
Sentinel Knight Alberius tells you that the Elven researchers who have recently gone to the Sea of Spores have come down with a fever. He is concerned about the guards he has dispatched there and asks for your help. He tells you that Master Cobendell has the cure for the fever but needs the ingredients to make the antidote. Go to Master Cobendell and help him to collect the ingredients he needs.

    Searching for Treasure
Ask Trader Espen of Heine to decipher the pirate's treasure map for you.

    Seed of Evil
High Priest Biotin has received a message from his dreams that something wicked is growing in the Elven Ruins. He says that the evil seed looks like a gigantic bat-winged demon. He asks you to destroy it.

    Sense for Business
Trader Salient sells rare magical ingredients to the Ivory Tower of Oren. He tells you that you can acquire monster eye meat and jade in the Wastelands. He also asks you to retrieve a monster eye carcass and a basilisk's gizzard.Monster to be hunted

    Shards of Golem
A few days ago the roof of the temple was wrecked by a storm. Magister Harrys has asked Blacksmith Altran for tools with which to repair the roof. He asks you to pick up the tools from Blacksmith Altran.

    Shilen's Hunt
u,Shilen�s Hunt will soon be held in the Dark Elven Village. Wild game will be hunted and offered as an sacrifice. The hunter who obtains 13 dark bezoars will receive a reward given by the Abyssal Celebrants. Hunt Keltirs and Wolves, obtain 13 dark bezoars and take them to Sentry Nelsya. Hunt Young Brown Keltirs, Brown Keltirs, Ashen Wolves and Elder Brown Keltirs.

    Shriek of Ghosts
Seer Reva of Aden Castle Town asks you to find an ancient ash urn. You can obtain it by going to the Tower of Insolence and killing the followers of the evil Hallate. You will receive an extra reward if you bring back 100 ash urns at once. If in your search you happen to find an ancient porcelain, take it to antique dealer Patrin in Oren Castle Town and get it appraised. Hunt Hallate's Warriors, Hallate's Knights and Hallate's Commander.

    Silver Haired Shaman
u,Magister Dieter of Giran Castle Town wishes to obtain the silver hair of Sairon which can be found on Devil�s Isle. Rumor says that this hair is what gives the doll its power. Go to Devil�s Isle and slay Sairon, her doll and puppet, and then take some of her silver hair to Magister Dieter.

    Skirmish with the Orcs
Orcs have recently made several attacks upon the Elven Forest. The Elves have decided to take their revenge upon the Kaboo Orcs in the Misty Mountains. Read the order from Sentinel Kendell and hunt the orcs!

    Skirmish with the Werewolves
War has been declared against the fearless Maraku werewolves who dared to kill the Paagrio Lord's messenger! They had the audacity to send his head as an answer! Prefect Brukurse asks you to slay the Maraku werewolves and bring back forty of their heads.

    Song of the Hunter
Grey of the Hunters Union tells you about the union and says that in order to join, you must pass a test to obtain a hunter's license. Bring back three or more of the items listed on the test to receive a circle 1 hunter's license. Those in possession of such a license may carry out various missions for the guild.

    Sorrowful Sound of Flute
Dark Elf Nanarin, enchanted at the sight of Dwarf Barbado's bountiful beard, wishes to pursue a relationship with him but her pride keeps her from expressing her true feelings. She suggests you find out from the Dwarves in the village what he likes. Ask the Dwarves in the blacksmith shop and the warehouse.

    Spirit of Craftsman
u,The Dark Elven Blacksmith, Karrod, wishes to conjure the spirit of Warsmith Roberto Steelbender in order to learn how to refine oriharukon ore. He asks for help in summoning the dead man�s spirit. Visit Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon of the Temple of Shilen.

    Spirit of Mirrors
u,The spirits of mirrors that Grand Magister Gallint was studying have escaped! Hit each one of them with Gallint's oak wand to seal them. Seal all three and return to Gallint. The guards in the village can tell you where to find the spirits.Monsters that need to be sealed by Gallint's Oak Wand � 3 spirits of mirrors.

    Stolen Dignity
The infernium ore that the Iron Gate Guild needs to construct a warehouse has been stolen by monsters. Recover the infernium ore and take it to Warehouse Freightman Romp. For every 100 units of infernium ore you take to him, you can play one round of bingo. If you win, you'll receive a prize from the Iron Gate Guild.Monsters to Hunt -Ancient Battleground: Past Knights, Hungry Corpses, Bloody Lords, Bloody Ghosts, Dark Guards and Death Blades.Blazing Swamp: Glow Wisps, Marsh Predators, Hames Orc Snipers, Cursed Guardians and Hames Orc Overlords.Fields of Massacre: Wretched Archers, Grave Liches, Grave Predators, Spiteful Soul Leaders and Spiteful Soul Wizards.The Forbidden Gateway: Crimson Drakes and Kadios.Forsaken Plains: Fallen Orc Shamans and Sharp Talon Tigers.Silent Valley: Huge Footmarks, Giant's Shadows, Past Creatures and Soldiers of Ancient Times.

    Subjugation of Lizardmen
Guard Weisz's orders state that you must recover the cargo that belongs to the Aden trade union from the Felim lizardmen in the Fellmere Harvest Grounds. Recover 30 units of cargo from the Felim Lizardmen, Felim Lizardman Scouts and Felim Lizardman Warriors.

    Supplier of Reagents
You have agreed to obtain the reagent that Magic Trader Wesley needs for his magic research. Slay the evil creatures in the Tower of Insolence and the Blazing Swamp and collect reagent ingredients. Once you collect the ingredients, use the mixing urn in the basement of the Ivory Tower to create reagents. Refer to the note that is attached to the mixing urn for instructions on how to use the urn and for the formulas used to mix the ingredients. In the Tower of Insolence you should hunt Crendions, Hallate's Maids, Hallate's Guardians, Platinum Tribe Shamans and Platinum Guardian Shamans. In the Blazing Swamp hunt Lava Wyrms and Hames Orc Shamans.

    Sweetest Venom
Astaron explains that dreviant wine is brewed from spider venom. He wants to use grapes imported from Gludio a while back by Trader Vollodos. He asks that you obtain 10 spider venom sacs which are the most difficult to find among the ingredients he needs. Hunt spiders in the Dark Forest and return the sacs to Astaron for a reward. Hunt Poison Spiders, Arachnid Trackers and Prowlers.

    Sword of Solidarity
Grand Master Roien of Cedric's Training Hall wants to restore the sword of solidarity. He explains that the sword was made long ago to symbolize the friendship between Elves and Humans. He mentions that Blacksmith Altran is also very interested in restoring this relic. He asks you to take the letter containing the results of his investigation of the relic to Altran in the Blacksmith Shop.

    Tarantula's Spider Silk
The king of Elmore has requested the best spider silk formal wear to be made for the emissaries that are being dispatched to Aden. Trader Mion, a tailor from the Silver Scale Guild, doesn't have enough material and asks you to collect tarantula spider silk. Kill the Hunter Tarantulas and Plunder Tarantulas and bring back their silk for a reward. Spider silk may also be acquired by taking tarantula spinnerettes to Defender Nathan.Monsters to Hunt - Hunter Tarantulas and Plunder Tarantulas.

    Test of Magus
A strange melody is only heard by those who have mastered elemental magic. Parina is the only one who knows it. You can find her in the temple of Gludin Village.

    Test of Sagittarius
Hamil in Floran Village is a genius archer from Innadril. Visit him and earn his respect.

    Test of Witchcraft
The box contains the soul of Aklantoth, a Magus of the dark arts during the Elmoreden era. To open it, you must answer his riddle. Start at the Luxury Shop in Giran Castle Town.

    Test of the Champion
Veteran Ascalon asks you to find his old friend Mason in the southern part of Dion.

    Test of the Duelist
To pass the Test of the Duelist you must defeat the most powerful evil spirit from each territory in the kingdom. Kaien has ordered that you destroy at least 10 evil spirits in each territory!

    Test of the Healer
Ancient revelations tell of a girl that will be born to save the world from the forces of darkness. A girl has been born who claims to be the saint described in the prophecy. Speak with Perrin in Gludin Village.

    Test of the Lord
Flame Lord Kakai says that you must meet all the chiefs of the five tribes, except Hestui and bring back their totems. The Atuba Chief, the Neruga Chief and the Urutu Chief can be found in the Royal Hall, the Duda-Mara Chief is in Oren Castle Town and the Gandi Chief is in Dion Castle Town.

    Test of the Maestro
Lockirin explains that if you wish to become a Maestro, you must obtain the recommendations of three elders.

    Test of the Reformer
Shouldn't you take action to make the world a better place? Use Disrupt Undead to defeat the nameless ghosts who haunt the Execution Ground.Monsters to Hunt - Nameless Ghosts

    Test of the Searcher
A Searcher has the ability to find hidden things. To obtain the mark of the searcher, visit Alex in Floran Village. He was once known as the best scout in the kingdom.

    Test of the Summoner
The Testimony of Summoner is a competition between Summoners for arcana cards. Visit Trader Lara in Dion Castle Town to make an arcana card.

    Test of the War Spirit
Seer Somak orders you to recover the remains of 4 warriors, Braki the Clever, Kiruna the Brave, Tonar the Super and Hermodt the Indomitable. Orim of the Shadow has the remain of Braki, Seer Racoy in Gludio Town has the remains of Kiruna, Seer Pekiron in Oren Castle Town has the remains of Tonar and Seer Manakia in Giran Castle Town has Hermodt's remains.

    Testimony of Fate
Magister Kaira commands you to find a book called "Kaysha's Revelations", which supposedly contains the secrets of the goddess Shilen. Meet Brother Metheus in Einhasad Temple in Giran Castle Town and find out more about Alder, who produced copies of the book.

    Testimony of Glory
Prefect Vokian wants to make sure that you're experienced enough to represent the Lord and orders that you prove your ability by hunting monsters.Monsters to Hunt -Crater of Ivory Tower: ManashensDeath Pass: Guardian BasilisksWasteland: Tyrants

    Testimony of Life
Also known as the mother of all forests and fairies, our Mother Tree is dying. Master Cardien says that many young Elves must be sacrificed if she is to be saved and then gives you the testimony of life. Take his letter to Magister Asterios in Elven Village.

    Testimony of Prosperity
To complete the first part of the Testimony of Prosperity, you must first find the four proofs of prosperity: the proof of wealth, the proof of fertile lands, the proof of fertility and the proof of a sound body. Warehouse Freightman Parman in Giran Castle Town can tell you more about the details of each of these proofs.

    Testimony of Trust
High Priest Hollint warns of a huge pending disaster and the dawn of an era of chaos. He gives you a testimony of trust, asking that you work to strengthen the solidarity between the races in preparation for the dark days ahead. You must visit the leaders of all the tribes and obtain their trust. Meet with Hierarch Asterios in Elven Village first.

    The Guard is Busy
The plan to move the people of Gludio to Talking Island has been announced. The island must be made safe for them. Eliminate the orcs and werewolves and bring proof to the Lord. Then, you'll be rewarded. Hunt Orcs, Orc Archers, Orc Fighters, Orc Lieutenants, Orc Fighter Leaders, Werewolves, Werewolf Hunters and Werewolf Chieftains.

    The Hidden Veins
Elder Filaur of the Gray Column Guild asks you to help with the search for hidden chrysolite veins. Defeat the Utuku orcs and bring the chrysolite ore they possess to receive a reward. Also collect the four pieces of the map that indicates the location of the vein, and take them to Maphr Priestess Chichirin who will put them together. Take the map to Elder Filaur to claim a great reward. Hunt Utuku orcs, and Utuku orc grunts in Frozen Valley. Hunt Utuku orc archers in the Western Mining Region.

    The Wishing Potion
Alchemist Matild has long wished to create a mysterious potion. She has recently discovered its recipe and asks you to bring the ingredients to her. She gives you a book of alchemy, along with directions to the ingredients for the mysterious potion. Find the secret keeper tree.

    Totem of the Hestui
Many gray bears on the Immortal Plateau have recently become possessed with the evil spirit of Kasha, the spirit of death and decay. This worries Seer Tanapi, who explains that the gray bear is the protective totem of the Hestui Orc tribe. He asks you to kill the possessed gray bears and put their souls to rest. While hunting kasha bears, you will run into the Kasha bear totem spirit. Kill it and take the proof to Seer Tanapi. Hunt Kasha Bears and Kasha Bear Totem Spirits.

    Trade with the Ivory Tower
Trader Vollodos, who's had extensive dealing with the Mystics of the Ivory Tower, tells you that lately many Mystics are looking for fungus spores. He offers you a reward if you'll bring him fungus spores. He tells you that you can obtain spores by slaying spore fungi in the Dark Forest. Hunt green fungi and blood fungi.

    Trespassing into the Sacred Area
The Garden of Eva is the goddess' sanctuary. Lately, monsters have been invading it, and the garden guards are overwhelmed. Priestess Restina of Heine has requested the help of outsiders to drive out the monsters. Kill Blade Stakatos, Blade Stakato Workers, Blade Stakato Warriors, and Blade Stakato Drones.

    Trial of Duty
Sometimes, being a mere Knight just isn't enough. Knights who wish to advance should find Sir Aron Tanford south of the Wasteland and undergo the Trial of Duty.

    Trial of the Challenger
Kash says that anyone who wants to get the mark of challenger should enter the cave behind the Undine Waterfall in the northern part of the Neutral Zone, destroy Shyslassys and retrieve an old parchment.Monster to Hunt - The Shylassys

    Trial of the Guildsman
In order to become a full-fledged member of Dwarven society, you must first create 7 journeyman rings. Blacksmith Altran on Talking Island might be a good person to ask. Hold on.. Do you see that? Is it a hint?

    Trial of the Pilgrim
The Trial of the Pilgrim requires that you learn the ways of the gods by visiting various priests. You should visit Seer Tanapi in the land of the Orcs first.

    Trial of the Scholar
To advance your learning, you must pass the Trial of the Scholar. Find well-respected Mystics and do as they say!First, you should seek out High Priest Sylvain in Dion Castle Town.

    Trial of the Seeker
Mutant evil spirits threaten the kingdom. The guild has decided to begin a secret investigation into their activities. Only Seekers can accomplish this task. You must find someone to help you. The letter describes that person.

    Under the Shadow of the Ivory Tower
Magic Trader Cema asks you to collect nebulite orbs by killing monsters in a crater near the Ivory Tower of Oren. Dwarven Collector Marsha and Collector Trumpin were originally hired to do this work but Cema has not heard from them since they left. While collecting the orbs, if you happen to run into them, ask them what happened. Hunt Manashen Gargoyles, Enchanted Monster Eyes, Enchanted Stone Golems and Enchanted Iron Golems.

    Vanquish Remnants
The Black Lion Mercenaries, hired by the Lord of Gludio to dispose of the ol mahums, have performed very poorly. Having suffered massive losses, they are recruiting skilled fighters to join their battle against the ol mahums. Defeat the ol mahums and collect their badges as proof. Leopold will reward you.Monsters to Hunt - Ol Mahum Patrols, Ol Mahum Guards, Ol Mahum Stragglers, Ol Mahum Shooters, Ol Mahum Captains, Ol Mahum Recruits, Ol Mahum Suppliers, and Ol Mahum Generals.

    Warehouse Keeper's Ambition
Warehouse Freightman Silva wishes to become the next Warehouse Chief. She intends to obtain this position through the jade crystal business. She asks that you collect jade crystals for her. She offers an extra reward if you bring her 100 or more jade crystals at a time. You should hunt Forest Runners, Fline Elders, Liele Elders and Valley Treant Elders.

    Warehouse Keeper's Pastime
u,Some Warehouse Keeper�s medals that were being delivered to Oren Castle Town were stolen by monsters. Recover them and take them to Warehouse Freightman Cliff of Oren Castle Town or Warehouse Chief Baxt of Hunters Village and you'll be allowed to play bingo.Monsters to Hunt -Tanor Canyon: Nightmare Lords, Nightmare Keepers and Nightmare Guides.Dragon Valley: Hunter Gargoyles, Dustwind Gargoyles, Thunder Wyrms, Dragon Bearer Chiefs, Dragon Bearer Warriors and Dragon Bearer Archers.Skyshadow Meadow: Connabis, Sanhidros, Cadeines, Innersens, Luminuns and Bartal. Sea of Spores: Rotting Golems and Giant Monster Eyes.Forest of Outlaws: Hunter Gargoyles. Hunters Valley: Weird Frakes. Blazing Swamp: Tulbens, Konzur Bat Lords and Konzur Bats.The Cemetery: Grave Guards. Forest of Mirrors: Carinkains.

    What Women Want
Arujien confesses to you that he has pined for Magister Greenis for a long time. He asks you to find out if Greenis returns his affection. Meet with her younger sister, Gatekeeper Mirabel, and show her Arujien's letter.

    Whisper of Dreams, Part 1
Seer Manakia wants to perform a ritual to better predict the future. He asks you to obtain the items he needs. He needs 65 molars of Cave Beasts and 65 flames of Death Wave.

    Whisper of Dreams, Part 2
Seer Manakia asks you to obtain 100 skulls of Cave Howler and 100 horns of Karik.

    Will the Seal be Broken?
u,Dark Elven Tetrarch Talloth is studying the dark arts in order to break the seal that binds Mitraell, the leader of the Dark Elves. He asks you to go to the school of Dark Arts and bring him omen beast�s eye, a taint stone and succubus blood that are needed to break the Seal of the Dark Arts of Body, the first stage among the three stages that binds the leader.Monster to be hunted - Omen beast, Tainted Zombies, Stink Zombies, Lesser Succubi, Lesser Succubus Turen and Lesser Succubus Tilfos

    Wrath of Ancestors
Seer Livina says that the spirits of the ancestors have been angered by repeated desecrations of Utuku graves by goblin grave robbers. Kill the goblin grave robbers and bring back fifty of their heads. Only then can Seer Livina perform a ritual that will calm the anger of the ancestors. You will find the Goblin Grave Robbers in Hero's Valley and the Goblin Tomb Raider Leaders on the northern Immortal Plateau.

    Wrath of Verdure
The olen treants guarding the Elven Forest seek revenge on the goblins that damaged the forest. So far the sly goblins have managed to escape punishment. Treant Bremec asks for your help. Defeat the goblins and return the clubs that they stole to Treant Bremec and you shall be rewarded. Hunt the Goblin Raider.

    Yoke of the Past
The Gatekeeper Ziggurat wants to become a human again and asks you to slay the guardians of ancient magic and collect the scrolls of ancient magic. You'll receive a blank scroll as a reward. The blank scroll will be helpful when dealing with the Trader of Mammon. Journey into the necropolises and catacombs and find monsters whose name contain lookout, watcher, guard, monk, overlord, shaman, consul, inquisitor, guardian, wiseman, court guard, and preacher. Exclude Nephilim, Lilim, Gigant and Lith.

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