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Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness

The server is available almost 24/7, except for maintenance or the weekly restart each Tuesday at 8 AM.

We are not writing here any technical data about the server hardware like other freeshards because we think that the underlying hardware is uninteresting for the players.
We want to tell you some core facts about this project.

We love Lineage II and so we decided to bring back the good old times.
Internally we were working on this since 2012 but because of some major drawbacks we were unable to launch.

On September 9th 2015 we finally took a huge step forward with solving a major issue from 2012.
Just a few days later we decided to go public with this project and started to prepare for launch.

We keep this server at low rates to stay as retail as possible.
We know that playing Lineage II with this rates is very time-consuming, but consider this:
Just take your time and have fun playing. As mentioned in rule ยง1 this project is free and will remain free.
We see this as a long-term project so we are not planning to wipe the database.

We were running chronicle 1 from September 25th 2015 to April 30th 2017.
During it's lifetime we were continuously patching the server up to version

First developments for chronicle 2 started around June 2016 with a basically working, but very incomplete version in August 2016.
Progress slowed down after August 2016 because of critial errors which led to development stop end of September 2016.

We restarted the development of chronicle two in November 2016 and could fix major issues in December 2016.
We finally reached a stable state of chronicle 2 in January 2017.

During our internal tests we continued fixing errors until the launch of the chronicle 2 server on May 1st 2017.
Of course, no data, chars or items were lost during the upgrade.
We also changed our forum software as well as the color of our website to have a visible difference to the previous chronicle.

Chronicle 2 was active from May, 1st 2017 8 PM to January, 5th 2019 8 AM local time.
The server was patched up to version in that time.

First very early developments for C3 have been made parallel to the development of C2.
In early October 2018 the development of C3 was made public on the website.
Since our C3 server shares the same codebase as C2 we could conclude the development on November 27th 2018.

Generating geodata took a whole month and was partly automatized.
During the development of C2 we generated the geodata completely manually which took us around three months.

We finally launched C3 on Saturday, January 5th 2019 at 8 PM local time.
Of course no items, accounts or characters were lost during the upgrade.

The server is still writing his story as time passes. Do you want to become part of the story? Then come and join us, now.

Click here to view this website with the colors of the previous chronicles:

Server Status

Loginserver: online
Gameserver: online
Players online: 60
Day: 1542



Local Time

14.12.2019 23:15:01
Europe/Vienna (CET)


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