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Share your quest-, character-, skill- and general L2 related guides here. 
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C3 Special Ability list and cost

May2.583125.01.2019 22:18:52
Last Post by May

Hunt of the Black Lion - Cargo Box value!

Atrophical2.207429.12.2020 13:53:12
Last Post by helekin

3 in 1 second class change

Emeli6.661130.11.2020 08:45:59
Last Post by Emeli

Useful Recipes Guide

Jostsan950115.07.2020 10:38:51
Last Post by Jostsan

you can log 3 boxes guys

BOG1.6171008.03.2020 00:29:18
Last Post by uyclub

L2C3: Rise of Darkness -> Official Patch Notes

FlameGirl1.648115.03.2019 01:09:26
Last Post by FlameGirl

Blacksmith of Mammon - unseal cost and weapon upgrade

May22.455214.03.2019 00:51:03
Last Post by Jack

Old official C3 links

Rominator1.705302.03.2019 14:26:12
Last Post by SVTDimasik

site for quests

BOG1.893126.12.2018 11:42:42
Last Post by BOG

Hunt of the Lava Salamander

sirLeroi2.326318.08.2018 10:08:43
Last Post by sirLeroi

Evasion Guide for Daggers

Atrophical1.6911505.04.2018 17:35:27
Last Post by Atrophical

L2 Calculator - Best Tool to check your limits!

Atrophical4.031106.12.2017 13:13:21
Last Post by Atrophical

Quest Guide: Coin of Magic

Atrophical1.910106.12.2017 11:48:17
Last Post by Atrophical

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