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Official Quest List

Administrator3.3851106.10.2019 21:03:16
Last Post by Mierdecilla

*** Hall of Shame ***   (Pages: 1 2 3 4 5)

Administrator7.23013404.05.2019 21:39:42
Last Post by Anciento

C5 - Olympiad - Official discussion

Administrator4022821.04.2022 00:14:56
Last Post by VeryNice

Evolution of the server

TaliaNikawa892407.03.2021 15:00:34
Last Post by Narutaki

Old map of the Lineage 2

SerzhKorveen1.721603.03.2021 17:26:44
Last Post by piris16

Server parts scarcity

helekin607501.01.2021 17:30:33
Last Post by sirLeroi

German Players there?smiling smiley

haizloN513408.11.2020 07:36:41
Last Post by Emeli

That starting window?

herni601102.11.2020 20:29:16
Last Post by herni

Its the best time for server to grow

mpafiara709219.09.2020 15:07:44
Last Post by Brian

hello firebird thumbs up

gangblade746212.09.2020 16:03:08
Last Post by Jostsan

Is it okay to make players lose time and adena?

syllabear31.273331.05.2020 17:03:06
Last Post by sirLeroi

Bug - Cannot Create Shop or Interact With Shop

Progeny42658129.05.2020 21:57:14
Last Post by Progeny42

C4 Version Incomming?

xSide1.027718.03.2020 12:39:27
Last Post by Brian

Just for your attention

lost1.008215.02.2020 22:39:27
Last Post by sirLeroi


Ugia1.3191011.01.2020 11:33:55
Last Post by Whozzy

New player!

yummydain1.092307.12.2019 10:31:12
Last Post by sirLeroi

L2 Mods

Oriphix997208.11.2019 07:30:41
Last Post by Administrator


Miyake858107.11.2019 22:12:24
Last Post by Miyake

Seven Signs and event from castle owners

Trust1.2931223.10.2019 00:36:48
Last Post by cebrillion

Quest Guide: Coin of Magic

Atrophical4.419317.10.2019 11:52:59
Last Post by Trorri


Number131.7731412.10.2019 10:10:31
Last Post by sirLeroi


Luke8211112.10.2019 09:07:08
Last Post by Luke

registration temporaly disabled

jormarti859512.10.2019 04:23:52
Last Post by cebrillion


Romullus732323.09.2019 11:59:54
Last Post by Romullus

Offline shop

LePofje920312.09.2019 11:53:41
Last Post by LePofje

Triple box report

BOG953106.09.2019 23:31:25
Last Post by BOG

Crit. error

gondola791230.08.2019 20:48:22
Last Post by Administrator

Is that fair?   (Pages: 1 2)

MarySue2.7023606.06.2019 05:49:20
Last Post by syllabear3

About pvp rules. We are losing new members

Azores1.2102004.06.2019 10:08:40
Last Post by sirLeroi

evening maintenances?

Ugia756227.05.2019 20:20:55
Last Post by Satirex

Search clan / People

abalos914723.05.2019 23:46:25
Last Post by Inudaw

What is happening to the server right now???

syllabear31.0621021.05.2019 21:26:17
Last Post by syllabear3

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