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Player Questions

Looking for a drop? Problems with a quest? Ask your questions here. 
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whitefrost1.292722.01.2022 20:54:04
Last Post by sirLeroi

Changes from C4 to C5

Emeli387210.01.2022 19:29:38
Last Post by Shao

About Rule 18

Nachtara386710.11.2021 00:12:56
Last Post by Administrator

Is this exploiting / cheating?

Grenix699204.02.2021 06:26:26
Last Post by Dolton

The use of a pole weapon

Emeli640207.01.2021 07:20:50
Last Post by Sweety

Inteface question

Einotar1.0722001.01.2021 19:31:35
Last Post by sirLeroi

Beginner questions

Sploosh604421.12.2020 09:45:54
Last Post by Sploosh

Events smiling smiley

Emeli588312.11.2020 17:12:48
Last Post by Narutaki

Changing a Clan Leader

Emeli682220.10.2020 13:27:38
Last Post by sirLeroi

Trying to find Master Toma

Roght864309.10.2020 18:50:59
Last Post by Emeli

Database is missing

Emeli610307.09.2020 16:19:47
Last Post by Emeli

How to create a box?

helekin779330.05.2020 15:10:07
Last Post by helekin

Class Suggestions Based on Play Style

shogun743217.05.2020 11:19:44
Last Post by sirLeroi

Issue with Mac OS support

gaismalis734224.03.2020 11:04:15
Last Post by Dufo

dual box support

jimiose81.052210.01.2020 13:48:34
Last Post by Hurthan

Last I Played Was C3 - advice (DE?)...

shogun842910.01.2020 12:50:02
Last Post by Miyake

Kill players in order to pick up their drop

sirLeroi1.0401301.01.2020 16:50:48
Last Post by sirLeroi

Hi! Questions

Mierdecilla945530.08.2019 20:47:37
Last Post by Administrator

have one external address

Graf_DiM855226.08.2019 11:15:45
Last Post by piris16

Kali using a three to bug RB'shealer

ErCanaro1.245206.05.2019 14:02:17
Last Post by EmilNarud

Hello community

AzoresPT912225.03.2019 19:20:53
Last Post by Administrator


milten894322.03.2019 16:10:15
Last Post by milten

Newcomer looking for hints

Whozzy1.1341321.02.2019 11:37:13
Last Post by Jack

Change clan leader

Miseri951229.01.2019 01:39:19
Last Post by Jack

Firebird worth it?

Seraph1.208826.01.2019 09:04:27
Last Post by Seknor

Getting to Phantom Summoner question

Chunkook1.024323.01.2019 10:28:03
Last Post by Trust


fan983215.01.2019 19:33:27
Last Post by EmilNarud

Chant of vampire

Savvas1.632818.12.2018 21:55:46
Last Post by Savvas

Virus in client?

J0hnK1ng1.060317.12.2018 16:50:39
Last Post by sirLeroi

Orc Raider quest

chop1.759414.12.2018 17:56:18
Last Post by chop

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