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New player looking for party

Posted by Xaero_ 
New player looking for party
09. June 2021 22:23:20

Hi everyone, I'm thinking to start playing on this server. I have a lot of experience in this game, but I don't want to play it alone.

I think that on a small server like this there is a clan that could use a new player. I'd like to be useful, so I'd appreciate it if you helped me choose a class that is really needed in your clan or party.

My preferred classes:

- Spellsinger
- Elven Elder
- Bishop
- Destroyer

Re: New player looking for party
10. June 2021 08:51:15


Most important is to play what you like to play. Bishop, EE and destroyer are for sure more usefull in the end game.
To get there you will find very little party's unfortunatly. If you join a clan early people might be able to help you lvl fast with RB and gear up.
You might want to join on discord and ask in the recruitment there. there is not a lot of activity here on the forums.

Good luck, see you around maybe smiling smiley

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