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Hunt of the Black Lion - Cargo Box value!

Posted by Atrophical 
Hunt of the Black Lion - Cargo Box value!
06. December 2017 11:46:50

Its well worth to oben the Cargo Boxes!

I will open 100 of them and i have exactly 65000 Adena on me. So if i open 100 Cargo Boxes i will end up exactly at 0 Adena

I got 19500 Adena on the first charge. I trade the 19500 Adena to my 2nd Charackter to not get confused at the calculation.

Now iam at 0 Adena and all 100 are opened.

2nd time i sell the items from the Cargo Boxes. Now i got 40250 Adena out of the Cargo Boxes.

I traded the 19500 Adena from 2nd charackter back to my main charackter. So i have 19500 + the 40250 Adena = 59750 Adena from selling items out of the Cargo Boxes. Now iam running to Giran to put the table and statute together.

In giran i succeded to creat 2 tables. Each table goes for 30000 Adena so i have 2x 30000=60000 Adena
A total win/lose calculation looks like that.
Cost to Open Cargo Box=-65000 Adena
Win by Random Items inside the Cargo Boxes =+59750 Adena
Win by creating Table/Stature =+60000 Adena
So i have a total win of 54750 Adena
Dont forget you could sell each Cargo Box for 300 Adena at the NPC then the calculation is different

Re: Hunt of the Black Lion - Cargo Box value!
24. June 2018 14:41:36

I've opened 700 Cargo Boxes, spending 455000 aden. Here is my statistics:

All trash items I sold for 435000 aden. Then I went to Blacksmith Rupio to assemble artifacts. Unfortunately I was'n lucky, my success/failure rate was 7/9 for both artefacts.
After all I got 7 complete Shillen statues and 7 ancient tablets. Each of them cost 30000, so my reward is 420000.
My total win, including all expenses (except one for store items in warehouse) is 394000 aden.
This is 562.9 Aden per Cargo Box, which is obviously greater than for selling them or exchanging to Guild Coins.

Re: Hunt of the Black Lion - Cargo Box value!
17. August 2018 12:57:01

I have opened 1059 boxes.
Opened boxes - spending 688350 aden
Trash items - 713000 adena (got 10 Imperial diamond - most expensive item)
Statue of shilien: complete - 18 ,fail - 14
Ancient Tablets: complete - 14 , fail 13
My win - 985000 adena (~930 aden/box)

all parts of statue and tablets:
arm - 38
torso - 34
leg -37
head 32

1st - 38
2nd - 29
3rd - 33
4th - 27

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Re: Hunt of the Black Lion - Cargo Box value!
29. December 2020 13:53:12

Great post! I have been doing the black lion puest for a long time and I always exchange cargo boxes
for items. The earnings overall are great! Yes there may be a bad rng day that you get nothing and the
tablets/statues crafting fails, but in the end, you will definitaly have great earnings!

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