Quest Guide: Coin of Magic
06. December 2017 11:48:17

This is more like indicator than guide but i wanna share my experience doing the Quest now for 2 weeks.

Basic informations you can read here: []

Is it worth doing the Quest?

Yes. See it as a bonus! You have to grind monsters anways so its a extra reward you get from them. Also you are able to TRADE these coins they are not marked as Quest items. You can trade with other players coins you need.

What is the downside of the Quest?

The monster you have to hunt, specially in the early stage Lvl. 40-47(Timak Orc`s, Shackle) [ [] , [] ] they drop almost nothing (materials, armor parts etc) beside Adena. From time to time you get some spellbooks and Amuets (1600 Adena @ Vendor). So you actually have only Adena as your only income, what is weak compared to others monsters you can hunt.

Which coin is the best to collect?

In my opinion its very dependend on what reward you want! If you want to farm equipment for your clan for example Moonstone Earings or Fullplate Helmet's you only need 2 type of coins, Blood Medua and Gold Wyvern. So you can specific farm mobs for your needs.

What is the fastest way to make coins?

I for myself (Archer) noticed that i can make coins the fastest way if i grind them and only them. That means for example you stay in Dragon Valley and you are sourrounded by Cave Servants and Shackles you should ignore the Cave Servants and just focus the Shackles. If you always do it this way you will have as an archer (my case) the best possible Adena ratio you can get, cause you are not going to waste ur mana on mobs you actually dont need. That works for all mana classes ofc. Try to focus what you need.

My personal story?
I started at lvl 40 with Timak Orc`s (all kind of them) and at lvl 43 i changed to Shackles even tho they were lvl 45. The thing is i had Holy Weapon from my prophet so i could close the gap a little. Iam still farming them till probably 47 ~ then they will turn green. After 47 i will Hunt Hatar Hanishee they are lvl 49 and will turn white for me + they drop Blood Medusa so i have both coins farmed only on these 2 mobs, thats what i call effciency.
Iam expecting to have 2000~ Gold Wyvern @ lvl 47.
I decided to stay on Lvl. 3 for now. I see the most benefit from the Moonstone Earing`s for a simple fact. You only need 60 Blood Medusas and 50 Gold Wyvern to buy it+ it provides very good Adena/Crystal if you crystalize it you get 62 C Cry out of it. In calculation it is 62 C Cry x 3000 Adena = 186K Adena + i have to farm only 2 different Coins. Now if you consider that i will have soon around 2000 Gold Wyvern you can imagine how many crystals / Adena i will have.

Hope you can now see how good the Quest can be. You just have to stay focused. GL enjoy and cya around

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