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A storm is coming

Posted by Administrator 
A storm is coming
05. May 2019 15:55:55

Dear adventurers,

during the last weeks more and more violations of the rules have been reported.
It seems, that some of you act especially stupid with interpreting the rules.
Luckily, most of my players know exactly the purpose of each rule.

Since many players thought, that after the violation of a rule nothing happens, I started to work on a "Hall of Shame" list, which should list all the characters that were punished or warned.
To announce that, I have posted a topic, but that topic escalated.

I kept silent and read all the replies in there and was shocked about how you accused each other of cheating and exploitíng, fearing every player thinking about starting here, away.

Today I logged in at 2.30 PM and saw player "Kali" bugging raidboss Remmel just in front of me.
Will you never learn?

It's enough!

I shutdown the server and decided to spend the rest of the day to check some characters and accounts.
The cleaning is happening right now and I will get rid of all players, that have nothing else to do the whole day except searching for flaws in the rules to gain an advantage.
Additionally I will get rid of all players who are toxic elements in the community and are blaming me and my team day and night for everything that comes into their minds.

If your account is locked after this, you have been caught directly or indirectly.
Better do not share your account next time on your next server.
Stay away, you are not welcome here anymore.

I prefer to keep this project open for less, but great players that enjoy the feeling of classic Lineage II than dishonest und exploiting players.
From now on: If you violate a rule you will be facing severe consequences.

Hopefully the situation normalizes soon, because currently I do not enjoy the project as I did years ago.

"After every storm, there is fresh air."

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

Re: A storm is coming
05. May 2019 17:43:02

dear admin.

i've been enjoying your server for some time now.
and i like it alot.
its sad to see that some persons can't follow the rules this server has set.
although i dont got much time to play. I'm still trying to keep up and play the way it should be!
(and with some little kids around it's a little difficult :p )
Anyway just wandering how long the storm is going to last??
because its my only free day i got in the week.
and i really would like to play some L2

best regards


Re: A storm is coming
05. May 2019 19:55:29

The rampant cheating/exploits is why I took a break: it got pretty frustrating. I can only imagine how pissed off you are at it all coming to light.

I'm sorry that it's going to take up your time to handle these dishonest elements of the server.

Once this storm clears I hope to be around more often.

Re: A storm is coming
06. May 2019 00:57:08

See how irl working people come to enjoy the server in their short free time and had to stand apes (what i said and everyone laughed at me). More quality people will start appearing over time.
Balance in all things.

Re: A storm is coming
06. May 2019 13:39:53

People know only one thing - rules are made to violate them. Sadly, this is the thing that never changes.
I saw similar situations many times, on every server that i played.

So, sir Administrator, you need a team of loyal guards which will provide undisputable justice. This is the only way to bring peace to this world.
Every given moment there must be 2-3 invisible guards online, watching for everyone, logging every violation, taking screenshots or even videos, posting this material at forums and helping to banish violators from server.
I`m not proposing myself to this duty, because i left server quite a while ago. Just think about it.

Re: A storm is coming
07. May 2019 17:45:16

Can we get a more accurate definition of the warning "Stay away, you are not welcome here anymore."?
Does it mean that if someone starts playing again he will be punished and prosecuted without evidence of violation of the rules after new start?

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