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New dedicated server

Posted by Administrator 
New dedicated server
03. June 2019 12:06:17

Dear adventurers,
due to problems with our current server (lags, crashes, ...) we decided to move the project to a new dedicated server.
Since more and more players are joining or returning we are going to get a server with more power which also costs more.

We are going to transfer the data to the new server during one evening evening very soon. This should not take longer than 3 hours.

Most, if not everyone of you knows, that this project is financed almost completely by ourselves and we very rarely receive any donations.

To help us keeping the project alive we want to remind everyone that you can donate using bitcoin.
We chose bitcoin to remain anonymous since there have been threats against me in the past.
As always, there are no benefits in return for any donation as it was since the project started in September 2015.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

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Re: New dedicated server
04. June 2019 00:07:16

Am i the only one having one-minute lags and drops? ping is stable ~50ms. Tracert seems fine too. Everything was just fine for about 30minutes after server migration and after that non stop lags.
Admin, what else should I check if that is not a common issue?

Re: New dedicated server
04. June 2019 09:46:42

After yesterday's restart, I began to experience problems with the game. After entering the game takes a few minutes and there is a lag. It is not at all and at different times.

Re: New dedicated server
04. June 2019 10:05:31

Today I also had lags, I even once died because of them, before there were no such problems.

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