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Four years Lineage II Firebird

Posted by Administrator 
Four years Lineage II Firebird
25. September 2019 22:29:11

Dear adventurers,
today we are celebrating our fourth anniversary.
After all the problems early this year I wasn't sure if this project would survive much longer.
Most projects close after some months but well, we are still here. winking smiley

As some of you noticed, I currently don't spend a lot of time in game.
This is due to personal life changes, but I am confident that this might change very soon resulting hopefully in more events.

To celebrate our anniversary, I invite everyone on this Saturday to fire some fireworks you've collected the last days in game. smiling smiley
Additionally, the adena drop rate might be a bit enhanced on that day, but only for 24 hours starting after a server restart in the morning. winking smiley

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Adminitrator

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