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Posted by Administrator 
Lineage II Firebird
11. May 2022 00:00:02

Dear adventurers,
as many of you have already noticed during C4 and also now during C5, I barely have any time left to spend fixing bugs or doing events on this server.

When you look at the Media section on the website, you can see that we had a lot of hosted events after the server started in 2015, as well as during 2016.
Things started to slow down in 2017 and in the following years we only had one hosted event in a whole year.

What happened?

Well, life happened:
I was unemployed for quite some time, found a new - more stressful - job and found a soon-to-be-wife - and we will marry later this year.

In short: I don't have much time left to take care of this project.

I remember the days and weeks when it all started back in September 2015:

Sitting in front of my computer, watching the database for new registrations as well as jumping into the game greeting every single new player.
It was pretty exciting and I would have never expected this project to survive even the first year.

In all those years of Lineage II Firebird many players joined and left or disappeared.
I had a lot of fun and some good conversations with many players. It was always sad to see a good player go.

But there was also the other type of players:
Always trying to exploit game mechanics, using programs to automate gameplay, and - in extreme cases - even duplicate items.
I still wonder how the project managed to survive that, but I guess, it was only possible with great players that simply didn't care about cheaters.

You might ask yourself now: Why is he writing all that stuff?

Let's make it short:
After having many discussions with my team regarding the situation on the server as well as the future, we decided that after (soon to be) seven years, we will shut down the project.

The server will be shut down on Saturday, December 31st 2022 at 11:59 PM local time.

Until then, I will still try to fix critical bugs and keep the server up and running.

During the lifetime of the project, there were several points where we thought about shutting down the project (like dupe exploits) but we didn't since some awesome players encouraged us to continue.

This time it's different: it's not about an exploit, it's not about the players, it's not about the finances.
This time it's all about time.

I, as project leader, want to thank every single player who joined us during the lifetime of the project, even if we had different opinions on various topics.
We hope that you had some great adventures here, maybe had one or another precious fulldrop or met other great players and enjoyed your time on this server.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

PS: We decided to make this announcement as early as possible to give every player enough time to adjust to this new situation and – if you want – find a new server to play on next year.
But if you decide to leave right away – we fully understand your decision and wish you all the best.

Re: Lineage II Firebird
11. May 2022 06:06:51

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this server for so many years at no cost. I am sure that the preparation of each chronicle took a huge amount of time.

I wish you good luck in your business and personal life. smiling smiley

P.S.: It would be nice if there was a brave person who could continue your work.

Re: Lineage II Firebird
11. May 2022 07:30:58

Thank you for everything and your hard work. In december i will have played for about 2 years on Firebird and never had regrets or played on another server.
This was the first server i tried when i wanted to play again and i choose it because the server seemed stable and friendly. It was always good to see an active administrator and i even enjoyed a couple of events!
It brought back many memories from the good old c4/c5 times for me, and i got to make many more. I even did some things i thought i would never expierence in l2.

My only regret that i did not join earlier and played on the server in c1 smiling smiley
Im sad to see the long journey come to an end. But then again looking at how great it was, there is nothing to be sad about. We treasure the memories smiling smiley

Thank you again and congratulations on getting married in advance smiling smiley
I wish you the best of luck!


Re: Lineage II Firebird
11. May 2022 09:44:15

I just wanted to express my thanks for all the work, dedication and effort you put in over these past years.
You and the team managed to stay true to the game and what it was meant to be for so long and I can only commend you for that.

As for me, even though I never made it to endgame, I was fortunate enough to be a part of some of the C2, C3, C4 and now C5 days.
I've seen a lot of friends come and go during that time, but as cliche as it sounds, I will cherish these moments forever.

Thank you, Admin, for giving me the craving to play this game in the year 2022 (who would've thought??) and giving us the opportunity to relive the good old days.
I've no doubt, given your hard work and dedication, that you will also achieve great things in your personal life as well.

I wish you the best of luck, no matter where you go and what you decide to do.
Congratulations on the marriage smileys with beer

Re: Lineage II Firebird
11. May 2022 13:33:36

I would like to say that I didn't feel bad about this news, however the good memories, the friends and the achievements I made in all the years were exceptional. As you said before, there comes a time when our priorities end up changing and we have to give up some things to conquer others, I wish you and the whole team much success in this new phase.
Thank you so much for all the laughs, the rage, the headaches and the jokes, make sure these moments hold a special place in my heart. Congratulations on your wedding and have fun in your married life!


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Re: Lineage II Firebird
11. May 2022 13:46:37

Hi Mark, I'm probably one of the very first players (from Dynamic) who started playing from the very beginning. I left playing in the "transition" to C3 (that's another story), but kept anyway following the server evolution on forum.
What to say now? Personal life must always take first place, so I wish you the best that life/love can give you. Take care.

Re: Lineage II Firebird
11. May 2022 14:39:14

Thank you boss for all you have put into the game. I very much regret that I did not find the server earlier. I love playing L2 and both myself and my family (up to 6 of us!) have greatly enjoyed the server you have built. I played original C2 thru a couple past interlude and everything interlude and before were great fun and this server allowed me to experience all of those fun opportunities again but this time with my kids! That is a direct reflection of your time and effort put into this project so, thank you again for that.

Good luck in all you have ahead of you and congratulations on your marriage!

Barbados, Kadette, Typhon, Patricia, Niagra, Jinerinna

Re: Lineage II Firebird
18. May 2022 15:25:37

Good night Kranrot.


Re: Lineage II Firebird
19. May 2022 20:09:40

ohwell sad times have come

Re: Lineage II Firebird
19. May 2022 20:11:30

time to open oly i guess grinning smiley

Re: Lineage II Firebird
21. May 2022 07:54:20

Dear admin, congratz for your wedding! Somehow i thought the Firebird will live still when i will have gray beard but the life brings different things compared to how we think it. Despite i didnt play since a time (and left the game few times???? ) im very sad to hear that Firebird reached the end. So just would like to drop a very big THANK YOU! to Markus and wish you and all i have been met here a happy life.


ps: is there any chance to figure out when i created Herni char? i remember C1 times on the server but not sure about anything

Re: Lineage II Firebird
21. May 2022 22:14:14

Thank you all for your nice words. I really appreciate that.

Herni, your character was created 26.05.2016 22:14:10.

Re: Lineage II Firebird
07. June 2022 22:45:32

7 years... It was a good time. Pefrect service, perfect gameplay... Thank you for everything!

Re: Lineage II Firebird
06. July 2022 17:39:00

Greetings from WarCry!

Funny fact, i also marryed on Oswin this year. (or Mazikeen baned eye rolling smiley)

Good luck and like u said, i found alot of friends from here,thanks for that.

Maybe in some day this website will show again C1 x1...

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