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Seven years Lineage II Firebird

Posted by Administrator 
Seven years Lineage II Firebird
25. September 2022 22:16:26

Dear adventurers,
I guess most of you won't read this message since you are somewhere else playing Lineage II or other games now.

Still I want to use this moment to celebrate seven years of Lineage II Firebird - although the project is basically done.

Anyhow, if still someone of the old players reads this - I want to thank you all for the great time we had here during the past seven years.

To celebrate the end of the project, I will host a "Goodbye, Lineage II Firebird" event on Friday, December 30th 2022 at 8 PM local time.

Hope to see you there. smiling smiley

Yours sincerely,
Lineage II Firebird Administrator

Re: Seven years Lineage II Firebird
26. September 2022 15:05:10

Dear Kranrot,

Altough i have only been able to play for about 1 or 2 years on your great server. The memories i made are among the best of my total l2 gaming expierence.
Sadly i could not bring myself to keep playing on firebird after the announcements. After all l2 still is a game where progression and building something is part its charm.
We all dont have as much time as when we were younger smiling smiley
Already said it multiple times, but thank you!
Hopefully one day we will hear from you again. Maybe say hello on other servers or maybe even join up smiling smiley
If not, the best wishes to you! I will try to be there on the 30th if i can.

Re: Seven years Lineage II Firebird
15. October 2022 11:55:00

Dear Admin,

seven years is a long time and in the time i spend here it was nice.
It is still sad that the server is closing, but every ending is a new beginning. I hope you will still play L2 from time to time and also have a nice time with your family. smiling smiley

Thank you again and take care of your self and you family smiling smiley


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