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Seven Signs and event from castle owners

Posted by Trust 
Seven Signs and event from castle owners
08. October 2019 09:57:32

Hello, citizens of Firebird!

As you might know, our alliance has successfully taken Oren castle. Due this we have to participate in Seven Signs event on a Dawn's side (there is no other choice for castle owners). We would like to prevent any confrontation because of it and so in order to save your adena (signing for Dawn costs) we propose you get special sertificates, which will be given away for free at MDT each day till competition period lasts. These sertificates will allow you to join Dawn for free. Second thing I want to announce is event we plan to make during validation period. We will provide more details a little bit later. One thing is for sure: all prizes will be handed at the Oracle of Dawn if it is accessible. Wish you good hunt and good luck with the event.

Mosaic Alliance

Re: Seven Signs and event from castle owners
10. October 2019 10:04:29

Are Mosaic Alliance the first to take a castle or ? smiling smiley Sorry im new

Re: Seven Signs and event from castle owners
10. October 2019 12:42:03

Always been the first is DarkSide smiling smiley SevenCrafts only licked they heels and cried to the Admin smiling smiley

Its replay from Siage of mosaik aliance

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Re: Seven Signs and event from castle owners
10. October 2019 13:35:59

Wow! Thanks for the Replay!

Re: Seven Signs and event from castle owners
10. October 2019 16:15:55

Hey, Luke. Welcome to the Firebird. Mosaic Alliance is technically not the first one who take the castle in this world. In spring 2019 clan DarkSide made a successful attempt to siege Oren Castle in pure PvE conditions without any attempts to interfere by other players. Even by our side despite the fact that these people were blackmailing us and fighting us at all our sieges. We believe that there's no sense biting each other in the world where all castles are empty and manor system not working at all. But before that successful siege clan DarkSide was engaged in massive rule violations to obtain equipment and levels. So, as a result of that mass rule violations many characters from DarkSide were banned. The Oren Castle was returned to NPC too. Here is the official statement about this case: []

Mosaic Alliance has successfully taken Oren Castle in full PvE-PvP-confrontation. We are proud of this achievement. I assure you despite many lies from famous liars and cheaters that we did it absolutely fair, without any intention to use any bug. All game systems functioned in exactly the same manner as in any other siege on this server. This has been confirmed by the Administrator.

Sadly people who cannot honestly win cannot also honestly lose. Anyway. We are open to all fair players, we invite everyone to unite for an interesting game and events. This is a large world with a small community, we must help each other, not fight and not revile each other. Except cheaters of course.

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Re: Seven Signs and event from castle owners
10. October 2019 17:59:47

Here are Administrator's words and there is nothing to discuss here



Re: Seven Signs and event from castle owners
10. October 2019 18:11:05

Thanks for information guys smiling smiley

If sieges are open and everyone got the same chance to take a castle than whats the problem winking smiley

If I was on enemy side of the guys having a castle I would attack it, at some siege when they dont expect it / low online (great revenge).

But hey sounds like there is a chance here to have some fun smiling smiley

Re: Seven Signs and event from castle owners
10. October 2019 20:53:44

I wonder if this drama would have happened if the manor system would have been disabled?

Re: Seven Signs and event from castle owners
10. October 2019 21:03:58

Manor has nothing to do with this topic. smiling smiley

Re: Seven Signs and event from castle owners
17. October 2019 15:35:31

Here we go with details about the eventsmiling smiley
It will start this Saturday, 19.10.2019 at 3 p.m. server time. We have some riddles for you to unravel. They will be in English, defining an exact location in Oren's territory each (Elven and Dark Elven villages included). You have to run to the right place to meet one of us there. Only in that case your win be confirmed. At the end of the event prizes will be solemnly presented to the winners inside the Oracle of Dawn (so you need to have access to that place). We wish you luck so be readywinking smiley

Mosaic Alliance.

Re: Seven Signs and event from castle owners
19. October 2019 18:45:09

Post cebrillion is true.

Re: Seven Signs and event from castle owners
23. October 2019 00:36:48

I am writing for the 4th time. Admin, I propose the next step. Put me on pre-moderation. Then, when I start to create new accounts on the forum, You can make pre-moderation of all users.
Do not be shy about your actions and do not try to hide them by deleting my messages.

Interesting why delete my posts. I'm only write about people who take a Castle in way not provided in the game mechanics. Admin self told about you know this BUG smiling smiley
Is it true make you hurt ?

I will write about this situation again and again and again smiling smiley

Is it a bug ? probably.
It is known ? Yes
Can I fix it currently ? I don't think so

Killing RB from behind obstacles
Is it a bug ? probably.
Admin it is known ? Yes
Can Admin fix it currently ? I don't think so

Can kile Raid Bosses without violation ? Ofcourse!
Can take Castle without violation ? Of Course! (It's all can see on screenshots Dark Side from siege of the same Castle Oren. (what was banned and Admin give Castel back to NPS )

Question. Why for same violation of rules Admin give ban for all my characters and players from my clan after half year after violation, but give Castle to alliance Mosaic and no one characters don't have punish?

I have every right to call the alliance Mosaic is cheaters!
In confirmation of my words:

Cheating in video games involves a video game player using unfair methods to create an advantage or 
disadvantage beyond normal gameplay, in order to make the game easier or harder.

Take from

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