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New player!

Posted by yummydain 
New player!
06. December 2019 21:19:59

Hello all. New US player coming to give this server a try. I've read great things about it and C3 has always been my favorite chronicle. I cant wait to see you all in game!


Re: New player!
06. December 2019 22:08:33


In this server you will find other players from US, Canada and South America (not me unfortunately tongue sticking out smiley)!

Re: New player!
07. December 2019 10:31:12

If there was fishing in C3, then for me it would be a favorite Chronicle. But she is not in C3, and therefore my favorite Chronicle is C4. Why am I playing here, although it's not C4? Because I exist (the language doesn’t dare to call it “life”) in Russia, and everything with C4 servers is very, very bad there (((Therefore, I had to find such an alternative to the dead Russian Merlin C4 server, which was IDEAL and about which I yearn for many years. Alas, he did not live long (((

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