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Server parts scarcity

Posted by helekin 
Server parts scarcity
29. December 2020 13:40:48

I must have a few wtb message in the community trade tab for about half a month. And there are still no offers. I always dreamt of crafting an sls in the past but the ammount of metal
hardeners kept me away from it. In Firebird I'm finally getting really close at collecting the mats for sls but I realised that the drop rate for blades is insame! Which means I can't collect
them all by myself! But then again, there are not many players out there so the sls blades seem to be rare to non existent. I had the same issue with karmian glove parts but drop rates
of those in cruma are not that bad, so I can spend a week or two to collect them. So, how do you guys cope with similar issues? Raid bosses drops? Clan collective work?

Re: Server parts scarcity
29. December 2020 17:18:14

Well there is no best or fastest way to do this, but there are more options you can try:
1: Try to farm 1 item and set up a buy shop
2: Use the ! Shout chat and ask
3: Try to spoil [since you are a tank: find a spoiler that want to help you] the items [1,98% for the Blades is not to bad.]
4: Creat a spoiler, level it up and farm it your self
5: For the SLS: Buy the best lux sword in Giran -> Upgrade it with BoM to an SLS

Re: Server parts scarcity
30. December 2020 16:17:20

The easiest way to get an sls would be, like Emeli said, is to buy an SoD from the luxury shop and upgrade it with Mammon for 2.2kk/mill AA.
If you really want to craft it, you might want to consider crafting a Crystal Dagger, those blades are a little easier to get because they spoil off a lvl 50 mob(Tarlk Basilisk), and just swap it at Mammon for an sls.

I imagine that some of the clans on this server have those sls blades stashed in their WH since they have the raid bosses in that level range on farm, whether or not they would sell any is a different story...

Also having a scavenger at any level helps when it comes to crafting anything on this server.

Re: Server parts scarcity
31. December 2020 13:15:05

Thank you for your replies. I had no idea I could do that with Mammon.. I was always indifferent to 7signs because it seemed like a clan or party activity only.
Plus, I read somewhere that your side has to win in order to get amy benefits

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Re: Server parts scarcity
01. January 2021 17:30:33

7signs is primarily a clan or party activity. You are right here. It is very convenient when a warcraer or overlord buffs the entire clan at once. But what prevents you from asking to join some clan ?! For example, in my clan there are free places and there is an overlord level 52. And without a clan or party, you risk in the catacombs. However, you can shout that you are looking for a party in Catacomb of the Heretic (my characters are in them right now) and you have a chance to get a party. Your side doesn't need to win. You register not with a brown one for 50,000 adena, but with a gray one for 50 adena, and you can farm in cats for a whole week. And as you accumulate a lot of stones, register with a brown one for 50,000 adena and, having exchanged stones for ancient adena, wait for a mammon to upgrade your weapon.

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