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Evolution of the server

Posted by TaliaNikawa 
Evolution of the server
29. January 2021 14:28:26

The server is evolving gradually, we are currently at C4, what will happen when we get to Interlude? Will the server remain this way forever or will it continue to evolve?

Re: Evolution of the server
29. January 2021 17:04:12

Who knows??? spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Many (many) years ago Admin told me about this matter: "I have a plan!" cool smiley

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Re: Evolution of the server
06. March 2021 18:41:06

I hope it ends with C4, honestly. Possibly C5, but everything that came after those 2 Chronicles is utter trash and is a departure from the original spirit of the game.

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Re: Evolution of the server
07. March 2021 15:00:34

If it were up to me, I could advance to the Gracia Final or Epilogue, for me they are the most fun and well-balanced chronicles.
Let's see what will happen.


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