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Increase server population (easy)

Posted by Doppelganger 
Increase server population (easy)
06. March 2019 07:58:38

Hey all,

This looks like a fantastic old school server and I can't wait to play it.

Small suggestion:
Server's Discord channel - very easy to setup (the most used tool in gaming today)

I think it will help to attract new players, the community will be closer and sharing the channel to other friends.

I was looking for a classic server for awhile now, and the server was pretty hard to find.

If this server gets more advertising to friends or other people in general, the channel can grow several times.

I have several friends who were very dissapointed in official classic l2 and classic club l2, there are many refugees that are waiting for the real old school L2 experience.
Many other people I saw in forums left those games and I have no doubt there are many who are looking for something new.


Re: Increase server population (easy)
06. March 2019 11:26:25

There is Server Discord channel already []

Re: Increase server population (easy)
06. March 2019 12:24:40

Oh yeah, i was looking all over for it, thought there isn't one, thanks!
I must be bad at searching :^)

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