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Coming C4 and olympiad rebalance?

Posted by VeryNice 
Re: Coming C4 and olympiad rebalance?
28. September 2020 23:54:11

We also helping to another ppl to get sub raids, what a problem with that, even solo guy can stay nooble/hero
Need just working for that.

Big lie. I was solo player and you did not let me get sub raids, you even pked me on several sub raids, and I had to implement another strategy to get them.

As far as olympiad concerned, it doesn't matter whether you open it or not. Few people have access to olympiad and by activating this feature, it will just boost their gear/capacity and make the game much easier for them. I am nobless too, but I would like to give some time to other people to catch up untill activating olympiad feature, in order to be more interesting.

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Re: Coming C4 and olympiad rebalance?
08. December 2020 18:57:41


Re: Coming C4 and olympiad rebalance?
07. April 2021 23:28:42

So any news regarding Oly? grinning smiley

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