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Rules 19 and 20? Worth?

Posted by VeryNice 
Rules 19 and 20? Worth?
09. April 2021 14:36:31

Soo we basicly have these 2 rules for player not abusing the death penalty (you drop stuff when die from mobs/guards). But people still abusing the system and debuffing under trains/raids/stunning/training each other.
For me thats total violation of blank spots in rules. And my suggestion is to remove that drop penalty at all.
There is no need for that feature other than to scam someone, server has so low online that loosing items at random rates to random players is basicly 0, its only when scamers come for your items on purpose.
This feature is removed in higher chronicles anyway, and i don't think anyone playing here like this and needs this to be ingame (scamers not counting ofc.)
Lets make pole for ppl to vote if its possible

To haters: no i didn't lose any items, just trying to make game better for everyone.

§19 - Healing monsters
We aim to provide a fair game for everyone, so it is not allowed to buff or heal a monster that is already attacking another player.

§20 - Monsters in peaceful zones
It is not allowed to bring monsters of any kind into a peaceful zone.
That includes but is not limited to towns and villages.
Exceptions can be made by the staff on an individual basis.

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Re: Rules 19 and 20? Worth?
12. April 2021 14:16:41

Well at least certain items should not be dropable, like strider bugle or hatschling flutes..
Also dropping equiped items is stupid (exception of the PK red status) IMO
They already made it impossible to drop your main weapon on death, why not all your basic gear and pets. Loosing them is a major pain..
The rest of inventory (even extra weapons) can remain dropable to keep it as close to l2 c4 as possible, just my 2 cents.

Re: Rules 19 and 20? Worth?
11. July 2021 17:09:13

Or other option is removing them rules, pvp is pvp no matter you debuff player or buff/heal boss. Whats the difference? In both ways ur going for the drops not for any fair pvp

Re: Rules 19 and 20? Worth?
12. July 2021 00:22:57

I think everything was already said by this post and the last message of autor.
As soon as debuffing chars while hitting monsters is not forbidden - these rules make no sense. But If somebody thinks it looks like fair pvp... well...
At least when you pvp you don't lose items after death

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