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Spiritshot(not blessed) and Compressed packs

Posted by Shao 
Spiritshot(not blessed) and Compressed packs
13. September 2021 07:59:00

Hello everybody.

Changes in spiritshots(not blessed) mechanics and pack crafting.
I think I won't be mistaken if I say that nobody uses regular spiritshots (not blessed) and nobody uses packs. And there are objective reasons for this.

For clarity, I will lay out a table with prices for shots in packs.
Table of compression packs.

As you can see, regular spiritshots are considerably cheaper than blessed shots. They could be used by mages to save money when leveling their characters. However, the difference in efficiency between blessed (200% damage) and regular spiritshots (150% damage) is so great that the savings on ammo do not cover the difference in gold received from different level mobs. This makes the use of such spiritshots unprofitable. I think it would be interesting to slightly tweak the stats of regular spiritshots to make them more attractive. For example, increase their damage from 150% to 175-180%.

As for the packs of shots, there are 2 problems that make them very unattractive to use. The first problem is economic. As you can see from the table, the markup for cheap packs is about 10%, and for greater ones about 30%. This is a significant increase in cost for a server with x1 rates. I propose to consider reducing the cost of crafting packs by 3x-4x. However, lowering the cost will not completely solve the problem. there is another disadvantage - the mana consumption when crafting them is very high. The current mana consumption is so absurd that a 62nd level gnome (unequipped) can only craft 1 small pack of S-grade magic shots (300 shots), and this will take 80% of his mana. A similar problem at all levels of crafting. A dwarf crafter of the C-grade level can also craft only 1 pack of mage shots for his mana. I suggest strong reducing the mana consumption for crafting ammo packs of all types.

I consider the following changes to be adequate:
Table of changes

In order to do this, you need to reduce the cost of all ropes by about 4x, and change some recipes. Reduce mana consumption for small packs by 6x, and for large packs - 3x.
In addition, it would be cool if the packs for different grades were different in color, as well as the shots.

If necessary, I can describe in detail all the changes.

Re: Spiritshot(not blessed) and Compressed packs
28. September 2021 07:12:38

In C4 packs do not stack in one slot. So, all of the above changes will not help this system.
But, ppl say that in the Interlude they will stack.

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