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Off Characters Shop

Posted by GwenStacy 
Off Characters Shop
28. November 2017 12:34:11

I dont understand because have community board Trade List...
Because not have offline shop and user always is offline in community board trade. Some times server give disconect too and turn offline the shop.
Is much more better disable trade list cb and turn on offline shop only for 1 character in my eye. thumbs up
On weekle maintenance offline shop resets. smiling smiley
This is the best option to commerce here.

Re: Off Characters Shop
28. November 2017 14:07:30

Admins already tried to add offline shop, but it never worked. The server crashed all the time so until they figure out what's the issue with the offline shop, we can still use the community board list.

Alternatively you can use the trade zones. If you make shop in Giran or Gludio, then the server recognizes the char as trader and doesn't count it in the connection limit.
So you can have 1 char selling in Gludio for example and still log with 2 chars to play.

Re: Off Characters Shop
25. December 2017 09:25:31

Perhaps any update about the offline shops?

Re: Off Characters Shop
25. January 2018 07:47:50

nah , server never disconect, all is from your isp smiling smiley a true rohan story

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