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With creating an account and connecting to our server you agree to the following rules:

These rules are in effect since April 17th 2019 8 AM local time.

§1 - Playing on this server
Playing on this server is free and will remain free.

§2 - Donations
You are free to donate and we really appreciate it, but you will not get any advantages, items or other benefits in-game or out-of-game. And we are not doing any exceptions on that.

§3 - Respect
We (the staff) handle every player with respect. Contrary we require you to show respect to us (the staff) too.

§4 - Lineage II client
This server is based on Lineage II Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness. We will most likely do some modifications to the client to enhance security or fix bugs. Always check our website for new patches to prepare your Lineage II installation the way we need it for full compatibility and best performance.

§5 - Client modifications
You are not allowed to do any modification to the Lineage II client. We want a fair game for every adventurer.

§6 - Advertisement
You are not allowed to advertise other game projects, servers or sites, as well as not related to game goods and services, in forum, game chats, nicknames, titles.

§7 - Language
This is an international server. Therefore we prefer to use ENGLISH as the main communication language.
To maximize the communication on the server we decided to use the channels as following:
The  SHOUT -Channel is GLOBAL and to be used only in ENGLISH.
The  TRADE -Channel in GLOBAL and can be used in ANY language.
The  PETITION -Channel is to be used only in ENGLISH.
In all other channels like  ALL ,  CLAN ,  PARTY  or  ALLIANCE  you are free to write in your preferred language.
You can turn the channels on or off by using the channel options in your Lineage II client.

§8 - Botting
You are not allowed to use any kind of 3rd party software, which allows to automate the game process or overcome game client restrictions. This as well concerns mouse/keyboard drivers, allowing the character to perform game operations while the player is away from PC.

§9 - Data handling
We (the staff) see everything on the server. We are actively monitoring the data logs as well as the chat logs (including private messages) to protect the server as well as our players from players using exploits or hacking tools to gain an advantage.

§10 - Impersonation
You are not allowed to impersonate yourself as staff member, administrator or another player without authorization.

§11 - Questions and Petitions
If you have any questions about the server or quests, feel free to ask a member of the staff.
An appropriate answer may take some time, since we (the staff) have our non-virtual lifes to live.
Feel free to use our forums too if you have questions.

§12 - Service uptime
As mentioned in rule §1 playing here is and will be free. Therefore we do not give a 100% uptime guarantee for this project. We aim to have it online for over 95% of the time except maintenance periods, server crashes and our daily restarts.

§13 - Account and Character names
Please don't use any offensive or hateful character or account names. The staff might delete them without notice. We ask you to use normal names. If you use some weird or problematic combinations the staff may ask you to change your name.

§14 - Account sharing
Generally you can share your account data as much as you like, but we strongly don't recommend you to do it.
We (the staff) will not reimburse you for any item, character or even the account itself that was lost due to account sharing.
This also includes lost levels, lost clans, lost pets, wrong character classes, empty warehouses or high karma / pk counts.

§15 - Forum
You are free to post your opinions in our forum.
Don't forget that breaking the rules in game may affect your forum account too and vice versa.
Except in our international forums, we ask you to write in ENGLISH. Thank you.

§16 - Ingame bugs and problems
If you encounter any misplaced monster or npc or anything unexpected in our world of Lineage II, feel free to contact us via forum or email. Thank you.

§17 - Line of sight exploits policy
Using the geometry to catch monsters in place they can not fight back and can kill them in safety, in the game, is illegal.
Other names for this activity are: Perching, bugging and sticking.
We have an official source for that, dated 2004.

§18 - Connection limit
You are allowed to have two connections per IP/person to our server. That means you are allowed to have two characters online simultaneously if you play alone.
We don't care how many computers you use or have, we care about the connections per person and per IP.
Any attempt to run more than two boxes per person (even by using multiple IPs) is considered a violation of this rule.
In rare occasions, a player may get the permission to bring an additional character online at the same time, assumed he has a very good reason for it.
"I want to level up three chars at the same time!" or "On other servers I had four boxes open!" will not be permitted.
Violating this rule as well as the conditions of the permission to bring additional characters online, will be punished as described below.
Characters with different IP addresses, which are following a hunting or fighting character for an extended period of time, are not considered independent and violate this rule too.

§19 - Healing monsters
We aim to provide a fair game for everyone, so it is not allowed to buff or heal a monster that is already attacking another player.

§20 - Monsters in peaceful zones
It is not allowed to bring monsters of any kind into a peaceful zone.
That includes but is not limited to towns and villages.
Exceptions can be made by the staff on an individual basis.

§21 - PvP and PK Limitations
(This rule has been temporarily suspended. Play fair. Don't attack players that prefer a pacifistic style of playing the game.)
You are not allowed to attack a character that is lower than eight (8) levels of your own character.
If you are not sure about your opponents level, do not attack him.
This rule does not apply to arenas, pvp-zones and clan wars.
This rule is not here to disable PvP and PKing, it is here to ensure a fair and nice game for every character especially lower level characters.

§22 - Clan leadership
Every clan that advances to level one is required to provide another clan member as a co-leader.
That member is not allowed to be an alternative character of the clan leader.
Should the clan leader disappear and not log in for three months, the declared co-leader CAN ask for a leadership transfer to his character.
No change of a leadership in case of a disappeared leader happens automatically, only when the above conditions are fulfilled.
We hope to prevent any dead clans as well as lost clan warehouse items in the future with this rule.

§23 - Penalties
Breaking a rule might result in one of the following penalties: Warning, Jail, Disconnect/Kick, Character delete, Account ban, IP ban.
The kind of penalty will be determined by the acting GM. Every case will be handled for it's own.
Please remember: If you lose your account, your also lose your access to our forums.

§24 - Attention
You have to check this website for any changes done to the rules. The rules listed above are NOT final and may change without notice.

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